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Angel Dry uses Green Seal and Wool Safe dry carpet cleaning systems that clean and sanitize better, removing more soil and stains, compared to steam cleaning methods.  Wet carpet is a breeding ground for mold, bacteria, and dust mites.  With our method, no dirty water is spread around in your carpet and pad. Carpet remains cleaner, longer, residue-free, and soft between your toes.Learn more

Rug Cleaning

In-Home Service >  Angel Dry expertly cleans all rugs, including fine Persian rugs, right on top of your wood floors.  Our process is eco-friendly, non-toxic, with no smell… and no moisture contact with furniture or floors!  We use the highest Wool Safe certified fiber care products.  Rugs are soft, residue-free, and exceptionally clean!  Drop Off Service or  Pick-Up & Delivery Service available by appointment. Learn more

Upholstery Cleaning

Angel Dry offers very-low-moisture upholstery cleaning. No moisture makes contact with your furniture’s feathers, fill, or components. We don’t use that pressure washing vacuum system. We use special soft-bristle brushes and encapsulation technologies to extract soils and spills, with teaspoons of moisture. Fabric is left clean and soft, with no crunchy residue or mildew smell.Learn more

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Average turnaround 3-5 days.  Drop-off facility in Carrollton, TX.  We also offer pick-up / delivery, and in home wood-floor-safe rug dry cleaning.   Call 817-898-1488 (Southlake) or 469-300-9905 (Carrollton).

No Wet Carpet.  It’s Really Dry!

Green Seal | Non toxic |dry carpet cleaning

Wet carpet, rugs, and upholstery are breeding grounds for mold, mildew, bacteria, and dust mites.  Angel Dry is the Dallas, Fort Worth leader in DRY carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, and upholstery cleaning services.   

We specialize in residue-free Green Seal® certified and plant-based systems.  Your carpet, rugs, and upholstery will be clean, soft, revived, and ready to use immediately after service.  And since it’s dry, spots and contaminants never wick back!

Why Dry?

We promise you’ll never hassle with wet carpet, rugs, or upholstery again!
Baby Safe
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Green Seal® Certified

Say goodbye to torrents of water, toxic vapors, and chemical residues left behind by steam cleaning services.  With Angel Dry’s innovative ultra-low-moisture systems, we deliver a deeper, more restorative clean that leaves your carpet and rugs dry, sanitary, and softer between your toes.  We never leave behind that sticky, crunchy residue, which means your vacuum will pick up soil better and your carpet will stay cleaner, longer.
Customer Approval Stars

Stains that have set for over a year came up within minutes and I didn’t have to deal with a wet carpet for days! The green/organic products, quick and effective cleaning were great! Love this service and so glad it was recommended to me!

– Leslie B, Google Reviewer

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– Angel Dry Customers Yelp and Google

I’ve always steam cleaned my carpet in the past but Steven talked me into dry cleaning it. I will never go back to steam cleaning. After having him dry clean it, my carpet was left DRY and fluffy. It looks brand new! Dry cleaning is a much better way to go.
– Jill G., Google Reviewer → More Angel Dry Southlake Google Reviews

This is the second time we have used Angel Dry for our area rugs. It is one of the very few “green” cleaners in the Dallas area. There are no chemicals used. This is very important to us since we have five month old twins.
– Lynn R., Google Reviewer → More Angel Dry Carrollton Google Reviews

Everything looked like new without the smell of traditional carpet cleaning. I would definitely recommend Angel Dry Carpet Cleaning to anyone looking to get their carpets cleaned. I’m never going back to wet carpet cleaning!
– Jim T., Yelp Reviewer → More Angel Dry Yelp Reviews

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Industry Leading Very-Low-Moisture Fiber Care Services

Over the span of a decade, Angel Dry has continued to make several innovations in their proprietary dry carpet cleaning process, an ultra-low-moisture method of fiber care that ensures our customers experience 100% expertly clean and dry carpets by the time our operators leave your home.

As a pioneer of the Austrian dry carpet cleaning method, Angel Dry has led the industry by focusing on two core objectives – health and quality.  We are DFW’s in-home-service leader in Green Seal certified and Wool Safe approved fiber care services.

Our baby safe very-low-moisture systems provide our customers with the convenience of carpet, rug, and upholstery cleaning services without the hassle of having a substantial part of their floors hosed down with dozens of gallons of water, toxic chemicals, and sticky residue.

Many already know that wet carpet is an ideal breeding ground for moisture-loving microbes, including mildew, fungi, bacteria, and dust mites.   They know too well how damaging excess moisture can be to an interior environment.

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Our Austrian method of rug cleaning enables us to clean most types of rugs, even heirloom quality Persian and Oriental rugs, right in your home, even right on top of your wood floors.  There are many types of rugs and rug fibers that you really don’t want to get wet.  This includes many types of wool fiber rugs, as well as jute, sissal, seagrass, art silk, viscose, rayon, and of course, natural silk rugs.

Bear in mind that we only specialize in cleaning the rug face and backing.  In most case, we only clean the exposed fibers of the rug “face” or “pile”, which is typically where most soil and contaminants are of concern.  In cases of pet accidents, spills, or urine, we may also clean the rug backing.  The results are impressive!  The secret is in our encapsulation cleaning system, which uses physical soft-brush contact to remove soil particles from each rug fiber.

Rug washing, or rug immersion cleaning have long been the traditional method of rug cleaning.  These services will pick up your rug, put it in a bath and thoroughly clean it.  The problem is that this method of rug cleaning can cause damage to rug fibers and shorten the longevity of your rug.  And it’s expensive too, often over $4 per square foot.

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Our dry upholstery cleaning service uses similar method to our rug cleaning process.  We use gentle WoolSafe encapsulation cleaning process that is safe on all types of fabric and fibers, even genuine velvet.

Solvent-based dry upholstery cleaning methods use strong organic solvents, similar to acetone.  Most upholstery cleaning companies have stopped using this method due to its link to cancer; the VOCs are harmful for the technician as well as those who use the furniture.  Other upholstery cleaning services use shampoo systems which leave behind large amounts of sticky residue.  Steam cleaners use lots of water and detergents to extract dirt from the upholstery, leaving your furniture wet and full of chemical residue.

With upholstery steam cleaning, feathers, filling, foam, wood, and metal components all get soaked and it can take days to completely dry out.  This causes undue damage to your furnishings and leaves behind a wet protected habitat for microbial populations such as mold, mildew, bacteria, and dust mites.  By contrast, Angel Dry uses a proprietary GreenSeal (also LEED approved) certified cleaning solution that does not leave behind a residue, is non-toxic, and no VOCs. 

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We specialize in tile and grout cleaning for all types of stone, porcelain, and ceramic floors, to include sanded grout, thinset, and epoxy grout.  If your grout has not been resealed in over a year, it is likely that dirt is starting to seep into the porous grout, and beginning to stain and oxidize the original grout color.  Grout that has not been sealed properly (we only use Stone Tech grout sealing products and will not use any other brand) will be exposed to contaminants, water, and air, that will cause the grout to become stained, and also become brittle over time.

To maintain the longevity of your tile floor, it is critically important to have your tile floor and grout cleaned and resealed every year or two.  Some tile and grout manufacturers recommend resealing every six months, but in most cases, every other year is sufficient.  If you are using a “tile cleaning” chemical product to clean your tile and grout, we recommend diluting it with water and go over cleaned tile with clean water to remove excess chemical residue that may reduce the life of your grout sealer.

Keeping wood floors clean and free from residue and contaminants will ensure that the wood finish lasts longer.  Hardwood floors typically have beveled edges and ends, open wood grain and other character markings, and hand scraped depressions and chatter marks in the wood.  Oak and hickory are the most common species of hardwood floors, both of which have natural wood grain, which are small natural openings in the wood that add texture and character to the species.

Wood grain, beveled edges, and other character and scraped textures tend to collect dirt, oils, chemical residue, and other contaminants.  This soil is nearly impossible to remove with a mop and must be professionally cleaned with a professional wood flooring deep cleaning machine similar to the Bona professional machine pictured here.  We only use Bona cleaning products, as they are the most trusted in the industry to clean all types of urethane finished wood floors and custom installed wood floors safely and effectively.

If you need your carpet or rugs repaired or replaced, Angel Dry can help.  Please text us a few photos of the problem area with a short description of the issues to be resolved.  There’s a good chance that we can help or point you in the best direction.  Stephen Bair, owner – (972) 876-2965

Just Add Water… and Yuk!

Wet Soft Surfaces Are Breeding Grounds for Microorganisms.
Wet Carpet Mold | allergens microbes

Steam cleaning is like pressure washing your carpet, rugs, and upholstery.  Liquified soil sinks to the bottom.  Wet soft surfaces in your home are the ideal habitat for microorganisms.  After a steam cleaning, excess moisture may remain in the subfloor for weeks, long after the carpet pile feels dry. 

Over time, deep-down soil remnants and other contaminants are carried back up to your soft surfaces, yarns, and fibers.  In the steam cleaning industry, this process is commonly known as “wick back” – microbial waste, soil, and chemical residues don’t just stay hidden on the bottom. 

Moisture-wicking after a steam cleaning service may cause spots to reappear the next day in some cases, or even after a couple of months, for example with carpet installed over concrete subfloors. 

Steam Cleaning Stinks, Literally.

Steam Cleaning | Dry Cleaning | Angle Dry
Dry Carpet Cleaning vs. Steam Cleaning

Hot-water-extraction is widely considered the conventional method of cleaning carpet, rugs, and upholstery – but why?   We certainly weren’t impressed with the results of steam cleaning.

After a steam cleaning service, stains often reappear.  Excess moisture in fibers, fabrics, and padding actually create new soil, contaminants and allergens.  Moisture-loving mold, mildew, bacteria, and dust mite populations leave behind microbial waste that can adversely affect textile appearance and texture.  Imagine leaving your clothes in the washing machine overnight – it’s sort of like that – but all over your floors!  Yuk!

Imagine washing 1,000 lbs. of clothes in a giant washing machine for five seconds, without a rinse cycle or spin cycle.  Then, spread all of those wet clothes all over your floor, allowing much of the soil-laden water to drain down into your carpet, underlayment pad and subfloor.  Finally, try to vacuum up as much of the dirty water as you can.  That pretty much sums up a typical steam cleaning service.

Even when the top of the carpet feels dry, dirt and moisture remain trapped beneath the carpet for several days, creating a breeding ground for microbes and allergens and “regenerative living soil” all over your home.  After a few days, you might notice that your carpet doesn’t look and feel as clean as it did right after the steam cleaning service.

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The Best Way To Clean Carpet

At Angel Dry, we care for our customers’ carpet, rugs, and upholstery just as if they were our own.  Our systems provide better soil recovery and more sanitary results, without leaving your furnishings a water-logged sludgy mess. Unlike water extraction methods, our process never leaves behind a soupy mess of soil-laden liquid mixed with sticky residue. 

With Angel Dry carpet, rug, and upholstery cleaning services, you will feel the difference in-between your fingers, and your toes.   Fibers are soft, clean, and cozy, never weighed down by moisture-wicked soils, chemical residues, or water-born germ residues.   Your carpet will be more resilient and less susceptible to matting (weighed down by residue), which also improves vacuum soil recovery.


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Upholstery & Rug Cleaning

Without Touching Your Wood Floors!

The Angel Dry method of upholstery and rug cleaning removes soil, spots, and even tough stains with very little moisture and no sticky residue.  Soft surfaces, from fibers to fabrics, to feathers, won’t get soaked, protecting your furnishings from water-loving microbes.  With our dry cleaning systems, in most cases, you can use your furniture and rugs immediately after service.  Your fabrics and fibers will be left clean, dry, and sanitary, with a softer texture than with traditional steam cleaning.

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Don’t Get Soaked With “Steam” Cleaning

Consumers know that excess moisture in absorbent materials is not conducive to a healthy and sanitary living environment. If you’ve ever accidentally left wet clothes in a washing machine for more than a couple of hours you can probably relate.  Your would-be “clean” clothes probably developed a musty “mildew” type odor, just one indicator of the power that water has to foster microbial growth in absorbent materials.

Unfortunately, most bacteria, mold, viruses and the related allergens that they create don’t emit any identifiable odor.  Yet, people are in constant contact with these little critters and their waste matter, on our bodies, even breathing them in.

We  Our Customers

Thanks to our amazing customers, Angel Dry has been blessed. Thanks to you, we continue to innovate and prove that Angel Dry is the word’s best dry carpet cleaning service. Our service may take a bit longer, but it’s worth it to us and to our customers – thoroghly cleaned and DRY carpet for a safe, non-toxic, and sanitary living environment.
Green Seal Of Approvel for Carpet Cleaning

Organic, Plant-Based Low-Moisture Cleaning

Angel Dry is out to prove that non-toxic and plant-based carpet cleaning works just as well, actually better than harsh chemicals.  Water is the most filth-attracting substance on earth – and microbes thrive in wet and damp environments, especially in soft surfaces like carpet, carpet pad, rugs, and upholstery cushions.

Wet carpet is more susceptible to microbial colonization than anything else in your home because it rests on the subfloor which traps soil that microbes feed on.  So why would we soak the most soil-ridden surface in our home with dozens of gallons of water?

With Angel Dry ultra-low-moisture fiber cleaning systems, a tiny amount of moisture (think tablespoons, not gallons) is applied where our Austrian counter-rotating-brush machines clean, spot treat, and decontaminate your carpet deep down to the backing. 

Flushing gallons of water throughout your floors will spread the soil around, carrying dirt and contaminants under the floor.  In cases where under-carpet treatment is required, such as on urine spots, we clean the carpet pile all the way to the backing.  Then, we disinfect the underlayment padding by injecting urine-killing enzymes and plant-based disinfectants.

Low-Moisture Living Spaces

To illustrate the effects of excess moisture, try the following experiment. Run some clean water over a clean towel. Wring the towel out, then, leave it to dry in the sink overnight. The next day, when the towel is completely dry, you may notice a subtle pungent odor caused by mildew and bacteria.  You may also feel a difference in texture, caused by microbial waste matter that spread throughout the wet fibers.

Even a clean towel with clean water will support a massive population explosion of microbial life.  But unlike the towel in your experiment, carpet and padding can be filthy.  After a traditional water-extraction carpet cleaning service, you may be left with thousands of pounds of wet carpet and padding throughout your home, resulting in microbial waste, residue, and allergens.  Alternatively, very-low-moisture carpet cleaning leaves carpet 95 – 100% dry upon completion, creating a healthier microbe-free living environment.

Angle Dry | Carpet Cleaning | Dry Carpet Cleaning | Carrollton

In 2010, Angel Dry introduced its 100% Organic dry carpet cleaning technology to the community of Southlake, Texas.   At the time, very-low-moisture and dry carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, and upholstery cleaning services were just beginning to gain popularity in the U.S.

Angel Dry Ultra-Low-Moisture Technology

Angel Dry’s systems were originally developed in Austria and used throughout Europe.  In the 2000s, advancements in Green Seal® certified cleaning compounds have helped Angel Dry to offer dry carpet cleaning, dry upholstery cleaning, and dry rug cleaning services that deliver exceptionally clean, soft, and more sanitary results.  Today, Green Seal® certified dry carpet cleaning is considered the highest standard in the industry, according to the U.S. Green Building Council.

Once you try Angel Dry, you’ll be amazed – we guarantee cleaner and more sanitary results than any wet-method carpet cleaning service.  If you’ve already hired a carpet cleaning service and notice spots coming back, crunchy sticky texture, or an unsanitary smell, let Angel Dry correct the problem.

We’ll remove all of that wick-back soil, including the sticky residue they left behind.  And when we’re finished with the work, your carpets, rugs, and upholstery will be clean, soft, dry, and ready to use.

Our exclusive ultra-low-moisture encapsulation process is the highest standard of residue-free Green Seal certified cleaning.  Other companies claim to be residue-free while leaving behind dozens of gallons of water in your interior textiles and furnishings.  This creates a breeding ground for mold, mildew, bacteria, dust mites, and other moisture-loving microbes.  To us and to our customers, that’s pretty gross.

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