About Angel Dry Carrollton

Angel Dry Carrollton is based out of the owner’s other business, Discount Flooring Texas. This is also Angel Dry’s only rug drop off location. Don’t worry, we still offer in-home rug dry cleaning services. We just thought you might like the option of dropping your rugs off to us, if your in the Carrollton, Addison area.

Angel Dry Carrollton proudly offers dry carpet cleaning, rug cleaning and upholstery cleaning services in North Dallas, Addison, Farmers Branch, University Park, and the Uptown Dallas area. If you live outside of these areas, please call our Southlake location at (817) 898-1488.

Many of our customers have concerns with sanitary effects of leaving carpet and upholstery wet for too long without force drying. They are also especially concerned with chemical residue issues when not completely removed from surfaces, carpet often comprising a large percentage of contact-surface area in a home. More than ninety-eight percent of all carpet cleaning companies regularly use chemicals that leave a sticky, weighty, soil-attracting residue on the carpet. Vacuums have difficulty picking up any

tiny soil particles that bond to such residue, necessitating more frequent cleaning appointments. It’s like washing clothes in industrial detergent without a rinse cycle and forgetting to check the dryer for 24-48 hours – the mildew smell on your sticky, dry clothes. The clothing would be soiled from microbial growth and they would resoil faster because of the residue.

For years, that’s what steam cleaning (hot water extraction) companies have been doing to your carpet. Hard to believe there wasn’t a better way, until now, right? Well there’s a very good reason why dry carpet cleaning has taken so long to catch on. It takes twice as long – but the result is reinvigorated carpet that is cleaner, softer to the touch, and without using harsh chemicals.


”You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream” – C.S. Lewis
Our amazing customers make it so easy to love what we do. We love hearing complements things like, “I really didn’t think those stains would come out!”, or “I can’t believe it’s really dry!”, and “Wow! This carpet looks like new”. Customers that have never tried carpet dry cleaning before are amazed at the results. The majority of our customers notice a substantial quality difference compared with other dry carpet cleaners. As a locally owned small business, Angel Dry is thankful to have every new and returning customer. As a company, we take comfort in knowing that the small job that we do is making a difference for health-aware homeowners, their families, and their furry friends too! We sleep well every night, knowing that our customers’ carpets, rugs, and upholstery are clean, dry, and free from harsh chemical residue.

A Better Cleaning Method

Angel Dry invests in the best cleaning and materials available in the industry. And when we can’t find the natural cleaning products that we want, we simply make our own. We pioneered the practice of using essential oils as antibacterial and anti-fungi carpet disinfecting methods. Chemicals are cheap. Natural, plant based, and non-toxic cleaning products can, by comparison, be quite expensive. So we just decided to cut our the middle man and bring our innovations in botanical cleaning chemistry direct to our customers.

Our mission is to prove that dry carpet cleaning is an overall cleaner method of carpet cleaning, when done Correctly – with a capital ‘C’. It’s quite simple: 1. Soapy water does not all come out of the carpet. 2. Microbes grow in wet carpet. 3. Once the microbes grow, they multiply, produce waste, and decompose. 4. Picture clothes left in the washer to dry (1-2 days) – with a spin cycle but no rinse. The fabric fibers will be slightly sticky, stiff from residue, and the clothing will smell like mildew – and that smell will last for weeks, if

not months until the clothes are properly washed, rinsed, and dried with high heat.

Angel Dry works hard to be helpful and engaged in educating every customer, when possible. Feel free to ask us questions about other types of flooring issues, floor maintenance, upholstery cleaning, natural cleaning products and methods, etc. To the best of our ability, we’d be happy to help!

Practice Makes Perfect

Angel Dry is a small family company. Our technicians are trained directly by the owner, and the owner is still on site for the majority of appointments to oversee quality and service. Our IICRC Certified technicians are bona fide perfectionists and always go the extra mile to expertly clean your carpet, upholstery, hardwood, and tile floors. Angel Dry always puts excellence above speed and will never surprise you with hidden fees or upgraded “necessary” services.

Our dry cleaning methods take a bit more time than steam cleaning services, but the extra time and effort that we invest in your home is guaranteed to be safer and produce the best clean. In fact, we guarantee that our dry cleaning process will produce cleaner, softer, and longer lasting carpet than any steam cleaning company in the Dallas Fort Worth area. The best part about our service is that your carpet will be dry and ready to use as soon as we’re done. No down time. No wet carpet. No residue. No harsh chemicals. We only GreenSeal certified products. And we guarantee the cleanest, softest, and fluffiest carpet in the industry.

About Angel Dry

Angel Dry is a family owned and operated carpet cleaning service that specializes in the Austrian method of dry carpet and rug cleaning, dry upholstery cleaning, textured wood floor cleaning, and tile & grout cleaning.

One morning in 2010, Stephen Bair received a phone call from a family friend who expressed interest in starting a carpet cleaning company. Stephen had a background in the flooring industry so the proposition of getting into the floor maintenance business made a lot of sense.

At that time, the flooring industry was struggling. New home construction and remodeling was at 30-year low and Stephen immediately recognized the potential of serving homeowners in the floor maintenance sector. But he did have one considerable reservation with the idea of getting into the carpet cleaning business – water! His experience working with commercial builders, architects, and general contractors gave him a common sense understanding about the ridiculousness of drenching carpets with water. It simply made no sense.

Water damages just about everything that it touches. It causes mold and bacteria growth. It damages wooden structures in the walls, wooden stairs and 2nd floor subfloors. If only more customers could pull up their carpet and look underneath, they would see the unsanitary condition that steam cleaning (hot water extraction) causes to carpet. After researching the issue further, Stephen found that there was simply too much invested in conventional wet-methods of carpet cleaning.

The first large company to begin focusing on dry cleaning, Millicare, is slowly changing the standard and a few small companies in markets throughout the country are now gaining popularity as educated consumers slowly learn about the advantages of dry carpet cleaning. led him to the conclusion that something was sectors, and had a bird’s eye view of the common issues with installation and maintenance. At that time when