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Welcome to Angel Dry, your one-stop shop for Carpet Cleaning, Rug Cleaning, and Upholstery Cleaning services in Dallas, Texas. We offer a wide range of premium cleaning services to cater to your residential and commercial cleaning needs at competitive rates.

 Dry Carpet Cleaning Service

Are you seeking a premium carpet cleaning company that uses the latest technology at an affordable price? Look no further; Angel Dry is at your disposal to help! While carpets look great in any room, they are a magnet for dust, stains, unpleasant smell, and require frequent cleanup. If you have pets, that is even worse for your carpet, as it attracts hair, bugs, and mites easily. But do not worry, Angel Dry will clean your carpets to make them as good as new ones!

We use Wool Safe and Green Seal dry carpet cleaning techniques, which are more efficient at removing stains and smells than steam cleaning methods. Our trained professionals steer clear of wet carpets to avoid bacteria, dust mites, and mold and use only efficient dry cleaning methods. Get a carpet cleaning service from Angel Dry today at the market competitive rates!

Dry Rug Cleaning

Do you want to get your rugs cleaned? Angel Dry is the industry leader in rug cleaning, offering professional services at a very reasonable price. While rugs are a great addition to any area, they can easily attract stains, dust, and unpleasant odor. Our experts hold extensive knowledge in cleaning any kind of rug, from wool rugs to Persian and oriental rugs.

We utilize only top-quality Wool Safe certified fiber care products. Our process is free of toxicity, smell, and moisture contact with the floor. Schedule an appointment today to restore your rug’s softness and sparkling look.

Upholstery Cleaning

Angel Dry provides a premium upholstery cleaning service at budget rates! Upholstered chairs, sofas, and furniture uplift your property’s appearance. However, they require occasional cleaning to maintain their exclusive looks.

We use a very low moisture cleaning system, including soft-bristle brushes and encapsulation methods to eliminate stains, dust, and mildew smell. Book an appointment today to have our highly trained professionals restore your fabric’s softness and splendor.

Grout Cleaning

Whether the grouted area is a year old or a decade, whether it is a ceramic, stone, or porcelain floor, we’re your one-stop grout cleaning solution.

Our specialists will inspect your grimy grout, clean it, and reseal it every two years to maintain its durability. We use dry cleaning techniques to reach deep within the grout to eliminate the accumulated dirt, stains, and dust.

Hardwood Floor Services

Angel Dry is the most experienced hardwood cleaning service provider in Addison. Whether you have an oak or hickory wood floor, heavy traffic can cause scratches and dull the colors. Our skilled team is experienced in cleaning all types of hardwood floors to instantly restore their sparkle.

We employ advanced technology and equipment for cleaning and refinishing your hardwood floor. Our staff utilizes a special wood cleaning chemical solution that brings back the old glint. Give us a call today to restore your hardwood floor’s original look affordably!

Why Us?

Angel Dry is providing top-class cleaning services in Dallas, Texas, for decades. Here are some reasons why you should choose our cleaning services:

  • Our highly trained staff has extensive experience in cleaning various things and surfaces.
  • We only use environmental-friendly processes to clean carpets, rugs, upholstery, grout, and hardwood floors in a safe and non-toxic manner.
  • Our customer service is second to none.
  • We are efficient, so we never get late in performing our cleaning duties.
  • We charge lower than other cleaning companies in Dallas.

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Angle Dry Reviews

Customer Approval Stars

Stains that have set for over a year came up within minutes and I didn’t have to deal with a wet carpet for days! The green/organic products, quick and effective cleaning were great! Love this service and so glad it was recommended to me!

– Leslie B, Google Reviewer

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– Angel Dry Customers Yelp and Google

I’ve always steam cleaned my carpet in the past but Steven talked me into dry cleaning it. I will never go back to steam cleaning. After having him dry clean it, my carpet was left DRY and fluffy. It looks brand new! Dry cleaning is a much better way to go.
– Jill G., Google Reviewer → More Angel Dry Southlake Google Reviews

This is the second time we have used Angel Dry for our area rugs. It is one of the very few “green” cleaners in the Dallas area. There are no chemicals used. This is very important to us since we have five month old twins.
– Lynn R., Google Reviewer → More Angel Dry Carrollton Google Reviews

Everything looked like new without the smell of traditional carpet cleaning. I would definitely recommend Angel Dry Carpet Cleaning to anyone looking to get their carpets cleaned. I’m never going back to wet carpet cleaning!
– Jim T., Yelp Reviewer → More Angel Dry Yelp Reviews