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Angle Dry in Addison is your all-in-one home cleaning team. We offer Grout Cleaning, Hardwood Floor Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Rug Cleaning, and Upholstery Cleaning.

We only use all-natural green-seal approved products and bona deep clean on hardwood flooring.

Angle DryCarpet Cleaning is a dry process that does not flood your carpet with hot water and pushes the soil contaminants downward. Our process penetrates the fiber of the carpet, lifts the soil contaminants upward
into the unique microsponge. This process leaves the carpet dry.

Angle Dry Rug Cleaning uses an industry-leading unique low-moisture cleaning method that is wool safe and green certified. Your rugs will not only look great, but be also clean, sanitary, and soft to the touch.

Angle Dry Upholstery does not use harsh chemical solvent when cleaning your
upholstery. Our cleaning process is pet-friendly and baby safe. We use a green seal encapsulation process and along with a unique brush contact that will never drench your upholstery or leave harmful bacteria behind.

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Industry Leading Very-Low-Moisture Fiber Care Services

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Angle Dry Reviews

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Stains that have set for over a year came up within minutes and I didn’t have to deal with a wet carpet for days! The green/organic products, quick and effective cleaning were great! Love this service and so glad it was recommended to me!

– Leslie B, Google Reviewer

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– Angel Dry Customers Yelp and Google

I’ve always steam cleaned my carpet in the past but Steven talked me into dry cleaning it. I will never go back to steam cleaning. After having him dry clean it, my carpet was left DRY and fluffy. It looks brand new! Dry cleaning is a much better way to go.
– Jill G., Google Reviewer → More Angel Dry Southlake Google Reviews

This is the second time we have used Angel Dry for our area rugs. It is one of the very few “green” cleaners in the Dallas area. There are no chemicals used. This is very important to us since we have five month old twins.
– Lynn R., Google Reviewer → More Angel Dry Carrollton Google Reviews

Everything looked like new without the smell of traditional carpet cleaning. I would definitely recommend Angel Dry Carpet Cleaning to anyone looking to get their carpets cleaned. I’m never going back to wet carpet cleaning!
– Jim T., Yelp Reviewer → More Angel Dry Yelp Reviews