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Getting Carpets Cleaner with Non-Toxic Green Seal® Technology

Do you dream of clean, soft carpets, rugs, and upholstery but you’re concerned about the toxicity of professional-grade cleaning products?

Let’s face it…

Life gets messy. Having stains and spills on your carpet can be frustrating, and time consuming to clean.

Chances are, you’re still struggling to remove them with conventional products or traditional carpet cleaning.

At Angel Dry, our methods of non-toxic dry carpet cleaning unlocks stains, lifting them away while leaving your carpet dry and residue free.

Let’s take a closer look…

Dye and pigments adhere to the fiber of your carpet in a similar way to stains. When a spill happens, the dye site contained within the fiber absorbs the color from the spills and forms a bond.  Tracked-in contaminants and spray-on chemicals add to the problem by degrading fiber integrity and resiliency.

Angel Dry’s Green Seal® Technology uses an innovative low-moisture residue-free system to scrub away debris, and release stubborn stains, while protecting fibers. It leaves carpet clean, residue-free, and dry.

At last, you have an alternative to torrents of water, toxic vapors, and chemical residues left behind by traditional carpet and upholstery cleaning services. And it’s really Dry!

Since 2010, Angel Dry has been a leading innovator in Green Seal® dry carpet cleaning services.

Traditional carpet cleaning requires harsh cleaning agents, and leaves behind a toxic chemical residue, and wet carpets. We use an ultra-low-moisture method of fiber care, which cleans better than wet methods, and being a dry process, prevents the growth of mold and bacteria.

We also offer a Wool Safe encapsulation carpet cleaning system for carpets and rugs, and an upholstery cleaning encapsulation system – which removes even the heaviest soil and stains without leaving your furniture wet.

Imagine the contentment you will feel watching your little ones playing on a soft, clean, and dry carpet!

Your Health and Safety is Our Priority

Angel Dry is a leader in the Dallas carpet, rug, and upholstery cleaning industry. Over the span of a decade, we have continued to innovate our dry carpet and upholstery cleaning process. The safety and satisfaction of our customer is our top priority!

“Everything looked like new without the smell of traditional carpet cleaning. I would definitely recommend Angel Dry carpet cleaning to anyone looking to get their carpets clean. I’m never going back to wet carpets.” – Jim T., Yelp Reviewer.

When you choose Angel Dry, you choose carpets, rugs, and upholstery that will be clean, soft, and dry immediately after service.

Now you can say goodbye to mold, toxic vapors, and chemical residues left behind by old steam cleaning services!

“Stains that have set for over a year came up within minutes and I didn’t have to deal with a wet carpet for days! The green/organic products, quick and effective cleaning were great! Love this service and so glad it was recommended to me!”
Leslie B.
Google Reviewer

With Angel Dry:

✔️You will feel the difference- fibers are restored to their original soft texture
✔️Your carpet, rugs, and upholstery will be revived, and whipped right back into shape.
✔️ Your carpet will be dry and free of allergen causing bacteria and mold
✔️Regular deep cleaning extends the life of your carpet
✔️Our products are Green Seal Certified, and VOC free!

…That’s not all, our customers enjoy. We offer:

✔️ Affordable prices.
✔️ COVID19 Safety Protocols, including contactless rug drop off services.
✔️ Quick and convenient In-home-rug cleaning.

Are you ready to feel a clean, soft carpet beneath your feet?


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  1. This is so great. I was just telling my husband yesterday that we need to find a green carpet cleaner now that our daughter is crawling fast and furious. I will be giving you a call to set up my appointment.

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