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National Rug Cleaning By Mail / FedEx – Ship Your Rugs To Us For Professional Cleaning

Persian, Oriental, and Handknotted Wool Rug Cleaning | Ship and Clean Area Rug Cleaning Service

Angel Dry offers a nationwide Rug Ship & Clean service for natural and synthetic fiber area rugs of all fiber types, including silk, wool, sisal, and grass-woven rugs.  Our rug dry cleaning service uses our proprietary WoolSafe certified low-moisture cleaning process, cleaning and protecting the longevity of rugs better than anyone in the business, since 2010.  Rugs weighing under 150 lbs. can be shipped to us for cleaning via FedEx or UPS.  If you have several rugs, or any rug weighing over 150 lbs, they should be shipped via LTL freight or via white-glove transportation services.

Who should use this service:

  • Clients living in rural communities may find it more convenient to ship their rugs to Angel Dry rather than having to transport them to a rug washing company in a city 100 miles away from home
  • Clients that have no access to a WoolSafe certified oriental rug dry cleaning service in their nearest city.  Rug washing may cause damage to wool or silk fibers.  Unfortunately, most rug cleaning services in the U.S. do not specialize in dry cleaning.  To avoid damage to your rug, we recommend using Angel Dry technology to clean your rugs.
  • Clients who trust Angel Dry as the premier technology in the rug cleaning industry.  Fibers are cleaner, softer (residue-free), and never soaked with water that damages fiber integrity, causes dye-bleed, and microbial growth as the wet rug dries out, damaging the texture of rug fibers and expanding / contracting rug yarns, potentially causing permanent damage.


We currently offer two types of rug cleaning shipping services.  If you’re able to package your rugs yourself, FedEx or UPS will save you some money.  If you have heavy furniture on your rugs or need assistance packaging the rugs, we also offer white glove service, experts in fine furnishings handling and transportation.

1. Residential Front-Door Pick-Up and Delivery

If any packaged rug weighs more than 150 lbs, this service is not an option.  Simply fold or roll each rug individually, wrap it in plastic shrink wrap, or tape together flats of cardboard covering your entire rug.  We recommend using cardboard for antique and handmade rugs.  Then, simply print out the shipping label that we provide to you and place it on the outer packaging.

Your FedEx or UPS driver will pick your rugs up and deliver them to Angel Dry’s rug cleaning plant in Dallas, TX.  If your rug weighs over 150 lbs., we will hire an LTL box truck liftgate courier to pick up your rug anywhere in the U.S. to be transported to our facility via freight.  After we receive your rug, it typically spends around 3-5 business days at our facility before being shipped back to you.  After the final inspection, we’ll package your clean rug and ship it back to you.  When your rug ships, you’ll receive a tracking number via email.

2. White Glove Packing and Transport Service

Trained packers will arrive at your home, move any furniture as needed, then properly fold or roll up your rugs, preparing them for transport to our facility.  Before leaving your home, they will move back any furniture into place and your rug will be transported via LTL box truck to our facility in Carrollton.  When finished, your rug will be shipped back to you and the white-glove delivery professionals will unpack your rug, move any furniture as needed, and place your rug back where you want it.

Rug Shipping Costs and Insurance:

Shipping large rugs to our facility in Carrollton, Texas (North Dallas) can range anywhere from $150 – $500, with insurance.  As one of the few Wool Safe certified rug dry cleaning companies in the U.S., customers trust Angel Dry with their fine heirloom quality handmade rugs.  For customers that are nervous about sending their rugs to a rug washing facility in their metropolitan area, we offer this rug ship and clean service as an alternative solution.

White glove delivery service fees vary by the amount of work involved in-home, such as moving and replacing a large, heavy bed sitting on top of your rug or moving a coffee table weighing over 1,000 lbs.  Please let us know what your needs are when requesting a quote.

Don’t trust just any rug cleaning company with your fine heirloom quality Persian or Oriental Rugs. Now, you have the option of bringing the Angel Dry rug cleaning service to your front door, wherever you are in the U.S.

To receive a quote, send us an email with a short description of your rug cleaning and shipping needs. Please include any pertinent photos of your rug, including the label on the back, if applicable. You may request a quote by emailing us at, or feel free to call our rug cleaning facility in Carrollton, TX – (469) 300-9905. To ensure you receive the highest quality service, please ask to speak with the owner, Andrew.  Please be prepared to provide photos and label / material / construction information about your rug, along with any odor / damage concerns that you might have.