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Best Outdoor Rugs for Humid Climates Like Texas

outdoor rug Rugs are loved and used by most. They add a familiar aesthetic feature to our home. It is a convenient choice of flooring. They are soft, comfortable, and feel luxurious. 

Maintaining your rugs might not be a simple task. There are many things you need to consider keeping your rugs looking fresh and well maintained. One thing that might affect your rugs is humidity. 

What are the Effects of Humidity on Your Rugs?

Humidity can be bad for your Rug. The effects are not immediate. It is something that does not happen overnight. They slowly affect your Rug. And before you realize it is too late. If you live in a humid state like Texas. You need to stay careful. You can watch out for some of this, especially in humid Texas weather.  

Rug molds will form:

Molds are your Rugs’ worst enemy. Humidity causes molds to grow inside your Rug. They ruin not only your Rug. But they can cause various health problems. For you and your family. The moisture in the air plus the dirt that is on your Rug. Can cause mold to grow. Your Rugs cannot be considered clean if you expose them to a lot of moisture.

More humidity means more dirt:

Dirt travels with moisture. Therefore, places that are humid like Texas, for example. Your rug will end up getting dirty way quicker than normal. No matter how much you clean your Rug. Moisture is also a breeding ground for mold, spores, etc. 

The air moisture can bring bacteria and pests:

We already know that rugs look beautiful. But also a home for bacteria and pests. These are harmful to us. Especially for those who might be allergic. It can also make Rug cleaning very difficult.

The form of your Rug may be damaged:

Ripples might form in your Rugs. This especially happens in places with high humidity and temperature. The material of the rug condenses during dry and cold weather. While it swells up during high humid temperatures. This takes away the beauty of your rug. It does not remain flat on your floor. 

Organic Rugs are more prone to damage:

Organic rugs are our weakness. They feel the most luxurious and comfortable. But unfortunately, they are harder to maintain. Synthetic materials such as nylon and olefin are more resistant to a humid environment. Wool, silk, and other organic materials are prone to mold growth. So maintenance and proper care are necessary.

Best Outdoor Rugs for You:

Polyester Rugs:

Polyester rugs are affordable rugs. They are soft to the touch and are perfect for your home and office. The benefits of polyester rugs include.

  • The cost of a polyester rug is usually less than for one made with natural fibers.
  • You have plenty of choices to consider from the color palette.
  • Polyester rugs feel soft under the feet.
  • You have more options to use a polyester rug outside.

They are certain cons that come with polyester rugs.

  • Staining is a significant issue for polyester rugs.
  • There are static electricity issues to consider with polyester rugs.
  • The pile on a polyester rug will still go flat over time.
  • You must avoid having a heat source touch your polyester rug.
  • Some polyester rugs are prone to unraveling
  • You will need to clean a polyester rug more often.
  • Polyester rugs can develop a yellow tone over time.
  • 8. Most polyester rugs offer a jute foundation.
  • You are purchasing a rug made with fossil fuels.

There is no investment value in a polyester rug.

Nylon Rugs:

Nylon was the first synthetic fiber formed. Nylon provides several benefits at very affordable prices. 

  • They are durable.
  • They are versatile.
  • Come in different styles.
  • Easily maintained. 
  • Crush-resistant

They are certain drawbacks that come with nylon rugs. 

  • Shedding might occur with nylon rugs.
  • They might have a distinctive chemical smell initially.
  • They are less stain-resistant as compared to polypropylene.

Polypropylene Rugs:

 Polypropylene is the best rug material for humid areas. They are very famous for this. They also provide other benefits such as

  • They are stain-resistant.
  • Will not fade from sunlight. 
  • Can handle heavy foot traffic.
  • And most importantly, can handle moisture.

It is durable and strong. They are very comfortable. They feel the same as any natural fiber rug. This makes them affordable. One downside includes they are highly flammable. Protect from fire pits or grills.

Our Recommended Outdoor Rugs

What Can You Do to Protect Your Rug?

You can protect your rug. So, they do not lose their beauty. There are different ways to prevent humidity from damaging your Rug. Here are some things you can do to protect your Rug and maintain it in the long run.

Keep humidity levels at an optimum.

The perfect or ideal humidity level is between 40-50 percent. So, maintain the humidity level as close to that is suggested. Keeping your humidity level at 65 percent or lower is perfect to prevent your rugs from molds. 

Watch out for areas in your property where humidity may be higher. Higher floors with windows have better air circulation. Areas such as basements might look dry initially but are damp areas. You need to pay extra attention to your rugs for their maintenance. 

Use an air humidifier if needed.

To control the level of humidity in your place. You can use an air humidifier. A low percentage of humidity might be too dry hence condenses your rug. While high humidity percentage can cause molds, dirt, and other harmful effects. 

You can also use an air conditioner or a fan for better air circulation.

Schedule your Rug cleaning with AngelDry:

You need to schedule rug cleaning appointments periodically with professionals. We are experts that know how to care for your rugs.

We use a dry cleaning technique, which is perfect. For areas with high humidity. This helps to lift off any dirt or bacteria in your carpet. While ensuring your rug stays looking beautiful. Plus, when we leave your house there is no drying time. 


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