Carpet Cleaning Denton

There are many choices in carpet cleaning services in Denton County, so why should you choose Angel Dry Denton?

1.  We use the very latest carpet dry cleaning technology and only use environmentally friendly and safe cleaning compounds.

2.  Our monthly specials ensure that first time customers experience the benefit of dry cleaning service at an exceptional value.

3.  All Angel Dry Denton profits go to support local ministries and international missions.

Angel Dry Denton is a family business, offering the same great service as our other DFW locations.

The Angel Dry team cares!

This shows from the first minute that our trained technicians walk in your door!  Job one is customer service and quality assurance!  We don’t cut corners or take shortcuts.

The difference is DRY!

Steam cleaners soak your carpet leaving a boatload of filthy water deep in your carpet and subfloor.

Our dry technology system uses encapsulation technology (developed by DuPont) and a proprietary dry compound affectionately called “Angel Sponges”, both processes using PHYSICAL contact to scrub and absorb dirt instead of flushing the dirt with high pressure to your subfloor – creating a breeding ground for mold, mildew, and microorganisms – disgusting!

This is truly a technological breakthrough in carpet cleaning technology, using a biodegradable PH neutral solution and orange-oil infused organic compounds, our Angel Sponges™ physically scrub your carpet fibers clean.  Unlike water which has difficulty removing “stuck-on” soil particles, the Angel Dry process uses physical contact, the Angel Sponges™ scrub carpet fibers deep down and then absorb soil and microbes into the sponges, which are then vacuumed up to be permanently removed.

Alternatively, “hot water extraction”, often mistakenly referred to as “steam cleaning” soaks the carpet with water, carrying much of the soil and microbes down to the subfloor, creating a dirty carpet pad and subfloor, not to mention a damp breeding ground for mold, mildew, and microorganisms.

Some hot water cleaning companies claim to remove up to 95{225829bb9987df37f6e8c60d3747b55432d4e5c18e7616eae339ac58d1ae2f5b} of the water in the cleaning process, but study after study reveals that in most cases the soil-laden water is forced, via pressure, deep down into the carpet.  Often this soil reappears days later as the dirty water evaporates, carrying with it, newborn microorganisms and soil residue, which causes re-staining, often referred to as wick-back.