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How Does Dry Carpet Cleaning Work?

dog urine rug stainAnyone who has carpet knows that keeping it clean is one of the biggest challenges. Kids, pets , and high traffic makes it even harder.

When it comes to cleaning your carpet, there are several options, including hiring professionals or renting a bulky machine and doing it yourself. Another option is dry cleaning your carpets.

Dry carpet cleaning, much like with clothes, is achieved with chemical cleaners and minimal moisture. It can be a time saving option and in most cases is less expensive. Angel Dry even offers organic and more eco-friendly options in lieu of harsh chemical cleaners.

By not using large amounts of hot water, which then must be disposed of properly, dry carpet cleaning can be a more environmentally conscious option.

Dry carpet cleaning goes beyond traditional vacuuming, cleaning stains even better than steam cleaning can. A deep cleansing chemical is applied to the carpets. These chemicals then start to absorb oils in the carpet, which dirt and stains cling to. They are then removed with an oscillating machine, or even a regular vacuum.

The carpets can even be protected from future stains by treating the carpet fibers to resist dirt, much like using a stain resistant spray treatment on a couch. This can save time and energy and is ideal in high traffic areas.

Dry carpet cleaning is mostly used in residential homes and for spot treating. The fast drying time makes it a good option for commercial carpet cleaning as well, especially in entryways or hallways, where it is hard to reduce foot traffic for long periods of time. Dry cleaned carpeting can be out of service for only 30 minutes to an hour.

The process usually starts with a good, deep vacuuming of the rooms. The chemicals are then applied and sometimes brushed or buffed in and allowed to work. They are then removed with another vacuuming or by using a special machine that can help lift the chemicals and dirt from the floor.

These chemicals and kits can be bought at hardware stores if you want to try the process yourself with your own vacuum. It makes it an even cheaper option to clean and refresh carpets.

Dry carpet cleaning is more effective at removing some stains and dirt. Stains can often resurface after steam cleaning and is a moan complaint of consumers along with longer drying times.  See why steam cleaning is not a good option.

Some of the advantages dry carpet cleaning has over steam cleaning besides being more cost efficient and faster are that the prolonged drying time could possibly lead to mold and mildew, and if the residue is not completely removed during the cleaning, it could attract future dirt. It can be difficult to insure the dirty water has been completely rinsed from the carpets without going over them multiple times. It is also an easier process, especially if you choose to do it yourself.

Whichever process is right for you, there are choices for cleaner carpets in your home or business.  Contact Angel Dry in the DFW area.

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