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How to Dry Clean a Jute Rug

ginger cat on circular jute rugWith its simple elegance and neutral color, jute is second only to cotton in popularity as a textile.

If you’ve got a jute rug in your home, you are likely wondering how best to clean it, since it’s pretty apparent that you would not simply toss this material into the washer. Even if your jute rug was small enough to fit, the consistency of the fiber is a dead giveaway that this material needs special treatment.

Fortunately, special treatment doesn’t always mean high maintenance! Let’s explore the basic care techniques for a jute rug, including how Angel Dry can help you keep yours soft and clean.

What is Jute, Anyway?

This popular material is made from a plant in the mallow family and is classed as a bast fiber. That simply means that it is sourced from the phloem or “skin” of the plant.

Other bast fabrics you’ll recognize are hemp, burlap, and linen which, like jute, are known for their broad and sturdy fibers. Jute, however, is the gold standard of bast fibers, and is sometimes known as “golden fiber” due to its value and its yellow hue.

Basic Care

Dry Spills

Jute is generally low-maintenance when it comes to day-to-day cleaning or dry spills such as cookie crumbs or soil from a potted plant. This is because of its weaving and dense fibers, that allow debris to sit on top of it rather than sinking into the fine, hair-like fibers of cotton-based or synthetic textiles.

For dry spills, you can often just sweep or vacuum a jute rug, just as you would a hardwood floor or a berber carpet. Some even recommend using a dull blade, such as a butter knife, to scoop up dry spills. Be sure to vacuum in the direction of the weaving on the main portion of the rug, and of the binding around the edges.

Wet Spills

For minor wet spills, or perhaps food-based spills that require a liquid clean-up, a damp rag is safe to use on jute, so long as the moisture is minimal. In order to avoid spreading, you want to begin at the outer edges of the spill and work your way inward. It is important to blot, don’t rub– so as to preserve the appearance and integrity of the threading.

It’s best to use a mild solvent such as club soda or a mixture of water and white vinegar. Again, this is to protect the appearance of your jute rug.

The most important thing to remember when spot cleaning is that jute cannot withstand extended exposure to moisture of any kind. This is a bit ironic, considering that the source plant thrives in the standing waters of monsoon-heavy regions! Nonetheless, jute fiber that’s been woven into a rug needs to be blotted dry as quickly and thoroughly as possible.


The only times we recommended dampening your jute rug on purpose, and not due to a spill, is to address bubbling in the fibers or curling along the edges. A light spritz of moisture will render the jute malleable enough to smooth out and flatten. Again, avoid excessive moisture and use a fan or blow dryer if necessary to hasten the drying process.

sisa jute dry rug cleaned

Professional Dry Rug Cleaning

So, what if your prized jute rug is in need of a thorough cleaning, despite your efforts in regular care and maintenance? Fortunately, Angel Dry’s Dry Rug Cleaning Service is well-equipped to handle specialized fabrics such as sisal, wool, and even jute.

Our extremely gentle cleaners and low-moisture methods are perfectly suited to leave your rug looking and feeling as soft and elegant as the day you brought it home.

The chemicals we use are environmentally friendly, and will always leave your rugs, carpet, and upholstery perfectly safe for pets and children. Additionally, our process employs a fraction of the moisture used in traditional cleaning methods, meaning there is no risk of mold and mildew propagating in your home as you wait for the fabric to dry.

Drop-Off Service

For those who live in the Carrollton or Southlake areas, we offer drop-off and deliver service for professional rug cleaning, with a convenient turnaround schedule of 3 to 5 business days. If you work from home and/or don’t need the job done immediately, this may be your best option.

Contact us for an appointment to get your jute rug treated at one of our home offices in Carrollton and Southlake.

In-Home Treatment

Angel Dry is always happy to make a home visit, no matter the service you’re needing. In addition to using low-moisture technology that will leave your jute rug dry in practically no-time, we will also ensure that your hardwood flooring is completely protected from moisture exposure during the cleaning process.

While regular care and cleaning, as mentioned above, is the best way to maintain the quality and attractiveness of your jute rug, occasional fiber care and deep cleaning are also important steps. Our experts bring an eye for detail and careful hand, ensuring that all your rugs, carpets, and upholstery are handled as if we’re working in our own homes.

Why would you settle for any less? Angel Dry believes that every component of our cleaning process- from the products and tools we use, to the careful handling of your belongings and top-notch customer care- is a cut above all the other carpet cleaning businesses in the industry.

Learn why Dry is better than Steam cleaning.

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