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How to Treat a Water Damaged Rug

Wondering how to treat a water damaged rug? Dealing with a water damaged rug is a stressful and frustrating experience. Whether the damage is caused by a flood, leaky roof, or burst pipe, a water damaged rug quickly becomes a breeding ground for mold and mildew.

Thus the importance of cleaning it properly as soon as possible. Cleaning a water damaged rug requires special attention to preserve the rug’s quality and prevent further damage.

Here at Angel Dry, we offer an exemplary area rug cleaning service that you should definitely consider purchasing today. If you prefer to try to clean the rug yourself, you’ll find the steps listed below.

Was the water clean or contaminated?

This is the first thing to determine when cleaning a water damaged rug. Clean water does not do as much damage to a rug as contaminated water. The extent of the damage, however, depends on how long the rug the rug was wet.

Clean water is from a broken water pipe in a home. Contaminated water is backed up toilet water or water that entered a home during a storm.

If the water is clean, the damage is less severe, and the cleaning process isn’t as infuriating. Clean water leads to discoloration, fading, and damage to the rug’s fibers. The carpet is much more affected if it’s made of natural materials. If not dried properly, the clean water causes odors and mold growth.

Contaminated water causes severe damage to a rug and should be removed and disposed of.

clean a wet rug
Dry wet rugs quickly.

Has the rug been wet for more than 48 hours?

The longer a rug is soaked in water, the more severe the damage is. If the carpet has been wet for more than 48 hours, it needs to be removed and taken to the trash.

If you aren’t sure, call a professional. They have the right equipment, expertise, and cleaning materials necessary to determine if the rug can be salvaged.

The Environmental Protection Agency has published materials detailing how to clean after a flood as well as published information about drying carpets and assessing mold growth.

Dry the rug

A wet rug is more susceptible to mold growth and damage. If you attempt to clean the damp rug, you risk spreading the moisture to other parts of the rug and potentially causing further damage.

Drying the rug before you wash it helps remove the excess moisture and prevent further damage. Once the rug is dry, it can be cleaned with the appropriate methods and products.

Use a wet vacuum to soak up excess water. Turn on any and all fans. If you have a large box fan, place that directly in front of the rug. Set up a humidifier to soak up excess moisture.

Clean the rug

Start by applying a rug cleaning product and let it soak for a few minutes. This helps spread the products deep into the rug fibers, making cleaning easy. Once the products soak, proceed by cleaning with a portable rug cleaning machine.

Different rugs require different cleaning equipment. Rugs with soft fibers should be cleaned gently with a soft brush. For those who want to use a rug cleaning machine, take care not to apply too much pressure, which might damage the rug.

When to call a pro

It is best to call a professional any time you have a water damaged rug. This person has the knowledge, equipment, and expertise to assess and clean the rug without damaging it further. Just because you see videos of people using a carpet cleaning machine to clean their rugs doesn’t mean you should do it.

Water damage leaves behind stains and odors that are difficult to remove. A professional cleaner has specialized equipment and products to help effectively remove the stain and odors to restore the rug to its original condition.

A professional cleaner helps preserve the rug by using the appropriate cleaning methods for the specific rug type. You also get advice on properly handling the rug to prevent future damage.

One of the services we get questions about is our carpet and rug repair service. Yes, it’s true, sometimes carpets and rugs can be repaired. Check out our carpet and rug repair page for more information.

Wrapping Up

wet rugs can be cleaned
Beautiful Persian rug.

Treating a water damaged rug is paramount to preserve its lifespan and prevent further damage. If you have a water-damaged rug, you must act quickly to prevent irreversible damage.

Remove the excess water and dry the rug completely first. Depending on the damage, determine whether to clean the rug yourself or get a professional to do it.