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Angel Dry Carpet Cleaning Service

The DRY Carpet Cleaning Service in Colleyville, TX

Carpets are a wonderful addition to our home. They bring in warmth and color, and add a special touch to our rooms. With all the benefits carpets provide, they do need care and maintenance now and then. 

Carpets, if not cleaned regularly and properly, can harbour all kinds of bacteria, mold, and fungus. This can affect your indoor air quality and can make you and your family sick.

We know you have many choices when it comes to hiring a carpet cleaning service.  We strive to be your best choice.

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Angel Dry

We love delivering outstanding customer experiences!

service checkFast-drying encapsulation technology
service checkEffective cleaning solution to ensure that your carpet looks good as new
service checkSafe for people, pets, and the environment
service checkProvide you with the best customer service
service checkAn easy-to-use online schedule. So, you can get your carpets cleaned according to your convenience in your busy schedule.

EliseColleyville, TX
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On time for our cleaning and there was no strong chemical smell from the products used. Our carpets looked great when he was done and they were not wet. Very pleased and would definitely call him again.
TobiColleyville, TX
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We have used Angel Dry carpet cleaning in our business for over a year now. We have a very light colored carpet and Angel Dry is the only service we have used that gets us completely clean and long long lasting results. Their service, thoroughness, professionalism and results are top notch. I can't praise them enough. I highly recommend Angel Dry.
AbbyColleyville, TX
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The boys did a great job cleaning my couch! Would recommend this service to anyone who needs their furniture or rugs deep cleaned. Thanks guys!

Colleyville, TX

Colleyville is an interesting family-oriented community in the heart of the North Texas. The proximity to modern luxuries, including a variety of upscale shops, restaurants, and local services, is a big reason residents love to live here.

Colleyville started out as a small group of neighborhoods between Big Bear and Little Bear Creek. Today, it includes several thousand middle and upper-middle class families who enjoy the convenience of mid-cities suburban living.

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Hassle-Free Carpet Cleaning Solution

It is difficult to find all the benefits listed above in a single carpet cleaning service. But the good news for the people in Coleyville, Tx is that Angel Dry provides all of these benefits and much more. Angel Dry is your one-stop solution for any carpet cleaning problem. 

We take pride in not being an ordinary carpet cleaning service.

We wanted to introduce a cleaning solution to the market that is eco-friendly and safe for the health of you and your family, and we’re proud to say we’ve succeeded in doing so.

If you have ever gotten your carpets steam cleaned, you will know about the soggy mess that you have to deal with afterward. It is not only a hassle to wait for your carpet to dry, but if it is not dried properly, it can result in mildew and mold growth. Angel Dry low-moisture technology saves you from all that hassle and also cleans your carpet better.

If you still are not convinced, you can read our five-star reviews from customers in Colleyville, Tx. 

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