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Very Low Moisture and Plant Based Carpet Cleaning

low moisture carpet cleaning plant basedHow Plant Based Compounds Create Cleaner Carpet And Healthier Environments

Organic Dry Compound Carpet Cleaning System.  The Angel Dry Organic Dry Carpet Cleaning process is an exciting innovation in the carpet cleaning & restoration industry.  Unlike steam cleaning, which uses jets of water, strong chemicals and truck mounted vacuums to flush out soil and extract it from carpet, our Austrian-made machines use miniscule quantities of moisture, plant-based compounds, or “micro sponges”, and counter-rotating pulsating brushes to gently remove soil from carpet fibers.

The real problem with wet methods of carpet cleaning is that your carpet does not have a drain system.  Unlike your washing machine, steam cleaning technicians cannot run a rinse cycle or a spin cycle.  After a steam cleaning job, several gallons of water is left behind, seeping down into the carpet pad and subfloor.  Since H2O is heavy, much of the liquid left behind after a carpet cleaning service is a sludgy mixture of soil, contaminants, and chemicals.

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Initially, after a steam cleaning service, carpet appears clean and brightened, almost having a slick chemical glow to it.   Unfortunately, after a few days or weeks, you may notice stains and spots reappearing.

The texture of the carpet may also change, especially wool carpets, becoming heavier, weighed down by chemical detergents that form a sticky residue on carpet fibers.  Additionally, as subfloor moisture evaporations continues over a period of weeks, in extreme cases months, deep down contaminants and microbes living in the cesspool of moisture near the subfloor will eventually make their way up to the pile surface.  Wicking or “wick back” of moisture will carry particles, even those evidently disappeared red wine stains back up to the top of the carpet yarns.  It’s like some sort of magic trick, but yes soil particulates can be tiny enough to be carried up by water droplets in the evaporation process.

Just the right amount of moisture – not too little, never too much.  Think of scrubbing your kitchen countertop with a damp sponge.  If you soak the sponge with too much water, you will end up with a pool of water on your kitchen counter.

Moisture optimization in our highly absorbent micro-sponges ensure that soil extraction is efficient and highly effective.  When the sponges are pulsated and agitated into the carpet, their pliable, elastomeric properties gently penetrate deep into each carpet fiber, both scrubbing the carpet fiber and absorbing stubborn soil, contaminants, and microbes in your carpet.

Instead of flooding your carpet with hot water pressure (which only loosens soil to the degree that the stream of water is capable), our process penetrates the carpet fiber with multi-directional physical contact with our unique micro-sponges and our Austrian-made counter-rotating-brush machines.

Unlike hot water extraction (steam cleaning), our system does not force soil, contaminates, bacteria, and other microbial agents downward into the carpet pad and subfloor.

We are solely focused on soil removal and low-moisture extraction.  Nothing sinks down = more soil and stain recovery.  No wet carpet = no chance for mold, mildew, bacteria, and dust mites to thrive.

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