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What Is the Best Commercial Carpet Fiber?

While picking the interior essentials, carpets remain a popular flooring choice. Classy carpets lift the aura of the entire room and complete the look. But, when choosing a type of carpet, some things need to be kept in mind.

Before buying a carpet, it is essential to ensure top-notch quality. That is a prerequisite, especially for commercial carpets, where one expects maximum foot traffic and increased social interactions.

freshly cleaned carpetHence for commercial settings, the carpet must have high-quality, durable fibers and be easy to maintain. With proper care and maintenance, commercial carpets should last from 7-10 years. Everyday dust, dirt, and debris are no match for a well-cared-for bed of carpet.

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Making an Informed Decision

To spot the best fiber, one must know the types of fibers and their characteristics. That way, when picking one, you will choose the one most compatible with your commercial setting.

Some important attributes to make note of are the cost, the required maintenance, the suitability for the space, the color or attractiveness of the carpet, and the expected life of the carpet. Depending upon your carpeting needs, there are six prominent types of carpet fibers. These include:

  • Nylon Fibers
  • Olefin Fibers
  • Polyester Fibers
  • Wool Fibers
  • Blend Fibers


Nylon was the first truly synthetic fiber. It is by far the most popular carpet fiber. Nylon is a very tough fiber and it handles heavy foot traffic well.

There is a hydrogen molecule in the structure of nylon. This molecule is rejuvenated when steam-cleaned.

The heat activates the hydrogen. When this happens, any flattened fibers will reestablish themselves. Nylon carpet should be professionally cleaned once a year.

close-up of carpet fibersOlefin Fibers

The second fiber on the list is olefin, also known as, polypropylene. Olefin is a synthetic fiber and is commonly purchased in the commercial industry. Olefin offers everyone affordable flooring that lasts for many years.

The olefin fibers are not as durable as nylon and because of this, they are commonly used for loop-style carpets such as berbers.

People say that olefin fibers are almost as soft as nylon. Another advantage of olefin carpets is that they are less expensive than nylon carpets.

Polypropylene fibers do not absorb water. Like nylon, olefin fibers have to be solution-dyed, which makes them one of the most colorfast fibers available.

Polyester Fiber

Polyester fiber is another excellent option that performs between nylon and olefin fibers. This fiber has impressive stain-resistant qualities.

Also, when it comes to price points, polyester fiber costs much less than nylon. It is available in a wide range of colors, which is a plus for businesses as they design the aesthetics of a new workspace.

Polyester fibers tend to be softer than other fibers. That makes it an excellent option for the non-commercial audience too. If you are looking for a soft flooring option, polyester fibers are the way to go.

Usually, the lifespan for polyester fibers in commercial settings is around five years. It should be noted that since they are relatively softer than other carpet fibers, polyester carpets require constant care, cleaning, and attention.

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close-up of wool carpet fibersWool Fiber

Next on the list is wool fiber, which offers its buyers great qualities. A wool carpet maintains its structural integrity and shape for an extended period of time.

On top of that, the wool fibers are said to be the softest carpet fibers.

Wool carpets are known to be fire-resistant. That quality makes them an excellent fit for commercial settings that require a lot of technical work. Also, the wool material insulates your floors; another plus point for commercial purchases.

Because it’s made with organic material, wool carpeting must be cleaned very carefully. Fortunately, you’re in good hands with Angel Dry and out Wool Safe Carpet Cleaning methods.

When it comes to synthetic carpets, people tend to have allergies. Wool fibers are the most organic option one could choose since they’re made from all-natural materials. This factor does make them more susceptible to mold and mildew though.

High-grade wool carpets are very expensive and low-grade wool carpets are not very stain-resistant. Don’t be discouraged though, as there are many budget-friendly wool blend options on the market.

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Carpet Blends

Nowadays, there are a lot of options for carpet fiber blends. If one can’t pick pure fiber, there are always blends of fibers available in the market.

One of these options includes a wool blend fiber. This is a combination of synthetic fibers and natural fibers. These materials combine to make an affordable option for those who cannot afford to purchase pure wool. By combining fibers, the outcome is a product with qualities from all materials.

One particularly favored blend has 80% wool, 20% nylon. The carpet makers keep those proportions so that the advantages of one fiber reduce the disadvantages of the other fiber. That makes the nylon wool blend a popular option since these two individual fibers are strong on their own.

Another blend is polyester and nylon, which makes a great flooring option because the polyester is soft and the nylon is durable. This combination is known to be able to endure a lot of foot traffic.

It can perform amazingly in commercial settings with lots of employees or activities. Make sure the ratio of polyester is less than 50%, or the carpet will not last long.

close-up of clean carpet fibersGetting Your Commercial Carpets Cleaned

The secret to making your commercial carpet last is through regular cleaning and maintenance. We understand that doing this can be overwhelming, and you likely do not have time to focus on micro-tasks like this. This is why you need us to take care of your carpets for you.

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Angel Dry has been in the commercial carpet cleaning industry for over a decade. We have learned about every type of fiber that is on the market. This helps us understand and take care of each carpet depending on its need. When we leave your building after a job well done, your carpets will look their very best.

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