When to Have Your Rugs Cleaned

When your vacuum is not performing well at removing soil from your rug, then it is probably due for a thorough cleaning.  To illustrate the effect of soil accumulation on rug fibers, try placing the palm of your hand directly on a glass surface.  At the right angle in a well-lit area, you will see exactly how much oil our skin, for example, the soles of our feet, transfers to rug fibers.

With regular use, pets, people, spills, dead skin cells, hair, dirt, microbes (e.g. dust mites), and other particulates become trapped in rug fibers.  It’s like a domino effect of soil accumulation.  You’ll notice that your vacuum is not lifting up the fibers or a slight matted appearance of your rug yarns.  When you see this, it’s a good time to schedule a rug cleaning appointment.

Angel Dry rug cleaning technicians will remove all of that dirt, oil, residues, grime, even the chemical residues left behind from previous cleanings.   After we clean your rugs, you will see and feel a distinct difference in the rug’s texture and appearance.  Your vacuum will be more cooperative at removing new soil, not having to fight stuck-on dirt and residue.  And you’ll notice improved resiliency in the rug yarns and fibers.

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