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Angel Dry Non-Toxic Carpet Cleaning Service




Dry Carpet Cleaning Options

Encapsulation or Organic

Angel Dry’s ENCAPSULATION method is recommended for more soiled conditions and carpets that have not been cleaned in a year or more. Our DRY ORGANIC process uses natural plant-based compounds. Both processes are Green Seal certified and non-toxic. The encapsulation method is guaranteed to get your carpets cleaner than any steam cleaning service.


dog and infant on clean carpet


For the Best Cleaning

We will clean every exposed clear path of carpet in each room in your home. Please remove any debris larger than a popcorn kernel. We will handle the rest. 

beige sofa with white backgroundIn most cases, carpeted areas under furniture do not soil. However, if you do want these areas cleaned, the furniture will need to be moved. For a small fee, we can move chairs, sofas, tables, and mattresses.


Get the dirt out!

Loose Soil Extraction

Oily residue builds up on your carpet over time. If your carpet was cleaned by a steam cleaner in the past, that process left behind dirty water and chemical residue which attracts more soil and residue. 

Vacuuming does not pick up this sticky residue. However, it will pick up the loose soil that has not yet stuck to the carpet. If your carpet has not been regularly vacuumed, we may need to vacuum prior to the cleaning.

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Never wet carpet!

Green Cleaning Solutions

Angel Dry cleaning solutions are Green Seal certified VLM (very low moisture) compounds. These pH-neutral biodegradable solutions are the safest in the industry and work great. 

We apply less than a teaspoon of water to your carpeted areas. You can walk on the carpet during and after the process. Since it’s dry cleaning, you never have to worry about mold or bacteria growth.



Physical contact, not chemical soup

Counter-Rotating Brushes

There are 3 major carpet cleaning methods on the market, all of which work differently:

  • Steam cleaners use water jets and chemicals that spread around dirty water deep within your carpet backing and subfloor.
  • Bonnet buffer machines (the tool used in other dry cleaning methods) spin around on top of your carpet.
  • By comparison, Angel Dry’s counter-rotating brush machines lift dirt from deep within the carpet pile, making contact with every single carpet fiber.


Angel Dry Organic Dry Carpet Cleaning Process

Step 1: Power-vac carpet thoroughly to remove loose soil.
Step 2: Spot treatment and heavy-traffic area preparation.
Step 3: Broadcast ORGANIC DRY micro-sponge compound.
Step 4: Pulsate micro-sponge compound deep into carpet fibers.
Step 5: Vacuum the carpet thoroughly to remove any remaining compounds.
Step 6: Enjoy DRY, safe, and clean carpet within minutes!

Included in our Service:

  1. Spot & Stain Treatment & Deodorizing
  2. Furniture Moving (limitations apply)
  3. Anti-Static Fiber Iionization (protects against resoiling)
  4. Sanitizing (eliminates bacteria, dust mites, & microbes)

Changing the Way People Think About Carpet Cleaning

The Angel Dry Organic Dry Carpet Cleaning process is the latest innovation in the carpet cleaning & restoration industry.  Our Austrian-manufatured machinery uses counter-rotating pulsation technology to gently “scrub” millions of tiny Organic Dry micro-sponges deep into your carpet fibers. 

The micro-sponges are humidity-controlled to ensure that just the right amount of moisture is used in your carpet.  Think of scrubbing your kitchen countertop with a damp sponge.  If you soak the sponge with too much water, you will end up with a pool of water on your kitchen counter- and a pool of dirty water, at that! 

Moisture optimization in our highly absorbent micro-sponges ensure that soil extraction is efficient and highly effective.  When the sponges are pulsated and agitated into the carpet, their pliable, elastomeric properties gently penetrate deep into each carpet fiber. This process accomplishes two important goals: scrubbing the carpet fiber, and absorbing stubborn soil, contaminants, and microbes in your carpet.

Instead of flooding your carpet with hot water pressure (which only loosens soil to the degree that the stream of water is capable), our process actually penetrates the carpet fiber with multi-directional physical contact with our unique micro-sponges. 

The big difference is the DRY process.  Unlike hot water extraction (steam cleaning), our system does not force soil, contaminants, bacteria, and other microbial agents downward into the carpet pad and subfloor.

illustration of carpet fibers with oil and microbes at bottomIn the steam cleaning process, hot water is actually a vehicle for transporting water, harmful chemicals, particulates, and microbes down into the carpet, essentially trapping these substances in the subfloor, carpet pad, and carpet pile backing.  When the steam cleaning extraction “wand” pulls up water, it can only remove a certain percentage of the liquid, depending on the suction power of the technician’s equipment.

Essentially, hot water becomes the vehicle for “dirt” dispersion.  Much of the dirt is removed, while gravity and pressure force and trap the remaining water and dirt in your floor, along with whatever harmful residual chemicals remain in the carpet.

Have you ever walked on carpet that was recently steam cleaned and felt a slight sticky texture on the soles of your bare feet?  Those are actually chemicals, some of which may be toxic to your family and harmful to your indoor air quality. 

The technology that we employ is the only process that actually removes these chemicals along with the soil and other microbial agents imbedded deep in your carpet fibers. 

And dry carpet means:
– No Mold! No Mildew! No harboring of living organisms in your carpet!  No way!

Think of your carpet fibers as thousands of tiny vertical surfaces.  Now, imagine using a soaking-wet sponge to clean your wall.  Any excess liquid from the sponge will trickle down your wall. 

In a similar way, steam cleaning causes water to run down your carpet fibers (yarn strands) to the carpet backing and underlayment (carpet pad).  This process causes dissolved dirt to literally sink into your floor before it has a chance to be extracted. 

This is simply because contaminated liquid (dirty water) is simply too heavy for even the most powerful truck-mounted extraction systems.  Any remaining moisture will eventually evaporate, leaving the remaining soil, chemicals, and contaminants imbedded in your subfloor, underlayment pad and carpet pile.  

During the evaporation process, the water actually transports contaminated water (which often harbors mold spores, mildew and bacteria) up to your carpet surface.  In our industry, this common phenomenon is referred to as “wick back”.  This is why the most common consumer complaint of steam cleaning service is rapid resoiling (or wick back), whereby dirt, spots, and carpet discoloration reoccurs soon after the cleaning process.

A larger problem than wick back is the deep-down dirt and contaminants that remain in and underneath the carpet backing, which can become more difficult to extract after each steam clean.  With our method, your carpet is dry and safe to use as soon as we leave your home after we vacuum.*

The sponges we use are biodegradable, organic, and are actually not harmful if ingested, thus making our process safe for your entire family.  This is the amazing difference with our process.  It is healthier for your carpet (hot water extraction deteriorates carpet fibers), healthier for your family (zero chemical residue & no harmful off-gassing which  degrades indoor air quality).

eco-friendly logoTo review, our process is:

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Soft, Natural Products
  • Washes Carpet and Absorbs Dirt

* Depending on indoor relative humidity (RH) level, carpet fibers may be slightly damp after our process is completed.  We guarantee NO SOAKED carpets!  All carpet fibers will dry completely in a matter of minutes, NOT days or hours!  This is our guarantee.

Non-Toxic Dry Carpet Cleaning

More than ninety-eight percent of all carpet cleaning companies regularly use chemicals that leave a sticky, weighty, soil-attracting residue on the carpet. Vacuums have difficulty picking up any tiny soil particles that bond to such residue on your carpet – this requires more frequent cleanings.

It’s like washing clothes in industrial detergent without a rinse cycle and forgetting to check the dryer for 24-48 hours – thus, the mildew smell on your sticky, dry clothes. For years, that’s what steam cleaning (hot water extraction) companies have been doing to your carpet.

Hard to believe there wasn’t a better way until now, right? Well there’s a very good reason for that…


Better Results, Guaranteed.

At Angel Dry, we only use Green Seal® certified solutions and Organic plant-based compounds. Our Baby Safe and Non-Toxic methods are trusted by that are Baby Safe, Non-Toxic, and Eco-friendly. In most cases, carpet is 100% dry by the time we drive off, and guaranteed to dry in less than an hour. This means that mold, mildew, bacteria, and viruses that love damp carpet will not stand a chance.

And we use plant-based extracts such as citrus, peppermint, and thyme to naturally disinfect carpet fibers.

For a Healthier Clean

child and puppy laying on clean white carpetAngel Dry uses Organic and GreenSeal certified products, and our dry carpet cleaning methods are baby and pet safe, and are trusted by physicians, cancer survivors, asthmatics, and allergy sufferers.

Angel Dry never leaves your carpets soaking wet. We always make an effort to listen to your needs and expectations. We take your health concerns seriously, and treat your home and your family as our own, giving you peace of mind.

Every day, we love to hear our customers say, “You actually got those spots out?” – “This is cleaner than I expected!” –  and, “Wow! It’s really dry!”

Whether your home or business is in Dallas, Fort Worth, or on the outskirts of town, Angel Dry will be there for you.

We are here to help and would be glad to answer any questions that you may have about our process or services.

For an exceptional clean, schedule an appointment online, or call 817-898-1488 for a hassle-free quote today.