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Angel Dry wool rug cleaning offers in-home service – moisture never contacts your floors!
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Wool Is Our Specialty

Best Wool Carpet & Rug Cleaning

Angel Dry is proud to be recognized as one of the leading wool carpet and rug cleaners in the Dallas, Fort Worth area.  Our Austrian method of dry cleaning was made just for wool.  Our system lifts and revives dense wool yarns and fibers better than any other system in the industry.  We typically use Whittaker Crystal Dry to service wool cleaning appointments.  Whittaker is, by far, the number one WoolSafe carpet cleaning solution in the industry.  We also use Whittaker machines.  Be careful to never allow someone to leave sticky residue on your wool rug or carpet.  This can cause damage and prevent good results on future cleanings.  Wool is one of our favorite materials to clean and we strongly believe that no one does a better job than we do.  Wool carpet and rugs are typically 100{fcb745d210ce700f492f52dcab5391e302ccb8969c0a66b23fe3fe23d0d5eb8a} dry at completion, unless there are significant stains and spots that need treating, in which case those areas may be ever-so-slightly damp for an hour or so.


close-up of wool carpet fibers
clean a wet rug

Don’t Treat Your Wool Baaaaad!

Wool Care & Maintenance

Don’t use any chemicals or spot cleaners on your wool, unless the product bears the WoolSafe seal of approval.  Try to use as little water as possible.  Too much water is not recommended on wool unless it can be quickly dried out.  Water can distort wool fibers and since wool is a natural oily fiber, it can attract microbes, such as dust mites and bacteria.  Remember, wool is a natural fiber, which means the same little critters that live on sheep can live in your wool carpet or rugs.  Before using any cleaning product, try using a clean cotton towel to dab up the soil.  You can even use a house key on top of the towel to help agitate and remove the soil particles from the waxy wool fibers.  Before you use any cleaning product, be sure to test it to ensure that it does not alter your color in any way.  Keep your wool vacuumed as recommended as the manufacturer.  This will pick up loose dirt and particles that have not yet become stuck on the oily wool fibers or inbetween wool fibers and yarns.


You Can’t Clean Wool Like That!

WoolSafe® Rug & Carpet Cleaning

Wool doesn’t like to be wet.  If you’ve ever spilled water on your rug, you may have noticed a faint “wet dog” odor.   Well in this case, it’s wet sheep.  The smell is a result of natural gasses that are released when the wool’s lanolin, a naturally occurring follicle oil, becomes wet.  Wool is quite durable in most ways, but it is also quite sensitive to chemicals.  Additionally, the dyes used to color the wood can be extremely sensitive to certain cleaning products, particularly surfactants with a high pH level.  When you clean any type of wool fabric, be sure to check that it is being cleaned with a WoolSafe® certified cleaning solution or compound.

oriental rug on hardwood floor in sitting room