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Dry Carpet Cleaning

Our process is safe for your entire family.

No chemical residue and when we’re finished, your carpet is dry!

Angel Dry Carpet Cleaning Process

Walk-Through Inspection
Black-Light Detection
Broadcast Natural/Green Seal®
Host Dry® Application
Start Austrian Brush Machine
Encapsulation Cleaning
Antimicrobial Injections & Sanitizing
Super-Thorough Vacuum
Stain, Spot, and Odor Treatment
Enjoy Clean, dry Carpets

World’s Best Dry Carpet Cleaning Service

Green Seal Certified

Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning

Angel Dry specializes in ultra-low-moisture encapsulation carpet cleaning. We only use Green Seal certified products on your carpet, such as Crystal Dry® by Whittaker Systems. Encapsulation is a process that uses physical contact to remove soil from fibers, suspending soil particles in a non-toxic polymer, where it crystalizes around the soil, literally encapsulating it.

While other products claim to be non-sticky, Angel Dry knows the truth – we have tested hundreds of products in our laboratory and know exactly what properties and formulas work best. Angel Dry encapsulation products are Green Seal certified and form into crystals that break away from the petri dish – they don’t stick to anything, except soil, when temporarily bonded to water molecules. This is what makes Angel Dry encapsulation cleaning so effective. Dirt gets trapped, then it crystallizes before being vacuumed up. Wine, coffee, urine, milk disappears from your carpet. And when we’re finished, your carpet is dry!

green seal certified dry carpet cleaning

Innovative Carpet Cleaning

How it works

The Angel Dry Organic Dry Carpet Cleaning process is the latest innovation in the carpet cleaning & restoration industry. Our Austrian-manufactured machinery uses counter-rotating pulsation technology to gently “scrub” millions of tiny Organic Dry micro-sponges deep into your carpet fibers.

The micro-sponges are humidity-controlled to ensure that just the right amount of moisture is used in your carpet. Think of scrubbing your kitchen countertop with a damp sponge. If you soak the sponge with too much water, you will end up with a pool of water on your kitchen counter.

Unlike hot water extraction (steam cleaning), our system does not force soil, contaminates, bacteria, and other microbial agents downward into the carpet pad and subfloor.



Moisture optimization in our highly absorbent micro-sponges ensure that soil extraction is efficient and highly effective. When the sponges are pulsated and agitated into the carpet, their pliable, elastomeric properties gently penetrate deep into each carpet fiber, both scrubbing the carpet fiber and absorbing stubborn soil, contaminants, and microbes in your carpet.

Instead of flooding your carpet with hot water pressure (which only loosens soil to the degree that the stream of water is capable), our low moisture encapsulation process penetrates the carpet fiber with multi-directional physical contact with our unique micro-sponges. The big difference is the DRY process.

dry carpet cleaning north texas dallas fort worth
dry carpet cleaning



Instead of flooding your carpet with hot water pressure (which only loosens soil to the degree that the stream of water is capable), our process penetrates the carpet fiber with multi-directional physical contact with our unique micro-sponges. The big difference is the DRY process.

By reducing the amount of moisture to a minimum, we can better control how soil particles behave. If soil is too wet, it dissolves, breaks down, or travels to new places, particularly with downward movement. Physical contact enables Angel Dry to extract soil particles – from wine stains to coffee, to urine, rather than flushing soil around in the carpet.

There is simply no better way to have your carpets cleaned. And the best part is, its DRY!

Dry Cleaning VS Steam Cleaning

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning is a process that uses very-low-moisture and physical contact to remove soil from carpet, rug, and upholstery fibers.

After we vacuum the sponges are biodegradable, organic, and are not harmful if ingested, thus making our process safe for your entire family.

We use a unique Austrian method which uses counter-rotating-brush actions on our Austrian-made machines to physically remove soil particles, sort of like a toothbrush.

Your carpet is dry and safe to use as soon as we leave your home*.

It is healthier for your carpet (hot water extraction deteriorates carpet fibers), healthier for your family (zero chemical residue & no harmful off-gassing which degrades indoor air quality).

Steam Cleaning Carpet

Steam cleaning is actually a pressure washing system, by which jets of water and detergents forcibly remove soil particles from fibers.

Hot water is a vehicle for transporting water, harmful chemicals, particulates and microbes down into the carpet, essentially trapping these substances in the subfloor, carpet pad, and carpet pile backing.

Extraction “wand” pulls up water, which can only remove a certain percentage of the liquid, dependent on the suction power of the technician’s equipment.

Hot water becomes the vehicle for “dirt” dispersion.

Gravity and pressure force and trap the remaining water and dirt in your floor, along with whatever harmful residual chemicals remain in the carpet.

*Depending on indoor relative humidity (RH) level, carpet fibers may be slightly damp after our process is completed. We guarantee NO-SOAKED carpets! For example, if you touch the carpet, you may notice a cool sense of moisture, but your fingers won’t feel any dampness, or in other words, no moisture will transfer to your skin. Your socks won’t get wet and you can start enjoying your floor immediately. All furniture can go back, etc.