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cap'n clean upholstery cleaning kit

Cap’n Clean DIY Upholstery Cleaning Machine Kit

Zero Residue Low Moisture System – Solution Makes One 32 oz. Spray Bottle.



Gets Out the Toughest Stains Without Scrubbing!

Effective ORGANIC and BIO-Based Cleaners


Ultra-Low Moisture Method— Dries QUICKLY!

4 Oz Concentrated Cap’n Clean Solution*

Gentle but Effective, High Quality Brush

Step-by-Step Instructions For Every Fabric

*4 Oz Concentrated Cap’n Clean Solution is a generous amount to clean six dining chairs, or one large sofa with a bit extra left over.

Cap’n Clean

Gets Out Any Stain on Any Fabric!


Refresh, Revive, and Restore your upholstery to like-new condition with our unique combo of Encapsulation Cleaning Solution and Cap’n Clean Brush– No bleeding, browning, shrinking, or water stains ever!

Cap’n Clean Takes Upholstery From Gross to Glam- Without a Professional Cleaning or Costly Reupholstering.

Pets, kids, spills, stains– Life takes its toll on your furniture. You put a lot of thought and time into finding the perfect furniture, creating a feeling of pride and comfort in your home. You can enjoy stain-free, clean furniture again without compromising your natural lifestyle!

Dry Upholstery Cleaning White SofaAre you:

Tired of looking at stubborn stains, smudges, and generally gross fabrics on your thoughtfully picked out furniture?

Concerned about your upholstery colors bleaching, bleeding or browning with chemical cleaners?

Worried about toxic products around kids and pets, or immunocompromised folks?

If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of a costly reupholstery job, but want your furniture looking like new, what do you do?

Scrubbing by hand is tedious, causing soaked upholstery foam and water rings, stains wicking back, and often losing the colors on your fabrics.

Many DIY upholstery cleaning kits offer coarse brushes that scrub away at stains while ruining the fibers they are cleaning.

Keep your furniture looking like new, the green and easy way…

Cap’n Clean

Cleaner Upholstery, Naturally…

Cap’n Clean is effective at removing set-in stains and ground-in grime, yet gentle enough to clean fabric like velvet, wool, or suede without compromising performance–

AND Cap’n Clean Solution is 100% NON TOXIC and totally safe to use around kids and pets!

How is it even possible?!

The magic is in the combination!

Cap’n Clean’s Proprietary Green Seal®, and WoolSafe® Certified GREEN Encapsulation Formula powered by Crystal® Chemistry:

Breaks down set-in stains

Destroys odor-causing microbes

Wipes our water rings

Reenlivens your upholstery to like-new condition.

Safeguards your family’s health with our chemical-free, all-natural formula!

We use only the healthiest, bio-based, organic cleaning agents. Cap’n Clean Solution is pH neutral, biodegradable, with no VOCs— Which means Cap’n Clean is 100% powered by nature!

Our proprietary combo of professional-grade Encapsulation Cleaners and Fabric Safe, No-Effort brushes work together to get your upholstery looking great again.

Let’s Talk About What You’ve Tried:

Maybe you have made multiple attempts at Hand scrubbing to no avail, even rented or bought steam cleaning machines without satisfactory results, or even damaged your upholstery fabric in the process…

You know what I mean…

The ugly water rings, the lighter fabric spots, the grime that attracts more grime but still won’t scrub off…

The problem with traditional methods is the use of excessive amounts of moisture that seeps into the batting and upholstery foam causing mold, odors, and damage to the underlying materials of your furniture– without effectively removing debris and stains.

Traditional upholstery cleaning methods, including scrubbing, steaming, and even professional cleaning, require lots of water. This drenches the underlying components of your furniture. Imagine dirty grey water mixed with cleaning chemicals sinking down into the foam and batting, and creating unsanitary conditions… YUCK. Not only does this create inconvenient long drying times, but it also doesn’t get your upholstery clean. This dark, damp environment is ideal for mold and bacterial growth, which can ruin your upholstery, create funky smells, and is also detrimental to your health.

You know what happens when you leave a load of laundry sitting in the washing machine too long… You wouldn’t wear wrinkled, smelly clothes without rewashing and properly drying!

As the dirty water evaporates, along with salts and minerals contained in the water, it creates unsightly dark rings on the surface of your upholstery. This oxidation process can chemically damage or alter the appearance of your upholstery fibers, creating the need for professional re-upholstery work, or even replacing your expensive furniture.

Harsh cleaning chemicals leave behind filmy residues and can lead to discoloration, wrinkling, or even shrinking. Harsh chemical VOCs requires you to open all of the windows or work outdoors to avoid toxic fumes, creating unsafe conditions for your children or pets.

Regular Cleaning Required… But How?

Regular cleaning keeps your upholstery fresh, and prolongs the life of your cherished furniture, but did you know it also leads to better indoor air quality?

Upholstery fabrics act as a filter, trapping allergens, germs, and bacteria. Experts recommend to prolong the life of your furniture and to remove common irritants like pet dander, pollen, and other environmental toxins, upholstery should be cleaned every 3-4 months.

So what is the alternative to scrubbing, steaming, or shampooing?

Cap’n Clean is the Solution You’ve Been Waiting For!

Cap’n Clean Combines Powerful Organic Cleaning Agents with Gentle But Effective Brushes To Get Out Any Stain On Your Upholstery!

upholstery cleaning solutionSpray Bottle Preparation: For the best results, use a standard 32 oz. spray bottle when cleaning with Cap’n Clean. These can be purchased at any hardware store, as well as most grocery stores. Pour the entire contents of the Cap’n Clean solution into the empty spray bottle. Fill the rest of the bottle up with water. Proceed to adjust the nozzle to the finest mist setting. Spray into the sink several times to test the spray setting. Once you notice the bottle misting, begin application to your stained/dirty fabrics.

Cap’n Clean features Green Seal®, and Wool Safe® Certified GREEN cleaning agents. We use Organic, 100 % USDA Bio-Based cleaning methods powered by plants, that clean, deodorize, and effectively remove stains from your upholstery. The cleaning solution you will receive is certified by the US Green Building Council  (USGBC) LEED Building Maintenance Program-– a symbol of excellence for sustainable habitats.

Cap’n Clean Solution encapsulates common allergens, dander and bacteria to be easily lifted away with your vacuum cleaner. Microscopic non-toxic polymers, or crystals, form a strong bond with dirt, debris, allergens, mold, and other nasties, using only a fine mist of water as an activator.

Our premium Upholstery Brush features polyester bristles that are gentle enough for any fabric. Our brush hardware is sturdy, and made to last! To clean your fabric, you easily attach a Cap’n Clean brush to any household drill and gently massage Cap’n Clean Solution into your upholstery fabric.

The bristles of our cleaning brush are as gentle as a washcloth! They won’t scratch or damage even your most delicate fabrics. Our brushes are never stiff or coarse! Because Cap’n Clean Solution is powered by encapsulation technology, there is no need for harsh, lengthy scrubbing or heavy-duty chemical agents with lingering odors.

The gentle agitation of the brush works the formula deep into the upholstery fibers to absorb all traces of debris and residues into the crystals. As it quickly dries, the microscopic particles harden, crystals release from fibers, threads, and yarns, leaving behind pockets of air between the encapsulated soil and the fibers.

The crystal-bonded dirt, debris, and other nasties are easily vacuumed away with a common household vacuum cleaner.

Say goodbye to wet furniture, fabric, padding, wadding, batting, foam, feathers, metal, or wood components. No mold, no oxidation, no residue!

Our powerful Cap’n Clean Solution traps stains, odors, water rings, dirt, grime, and more!

Order Your Cap’n Clean Now

 Cap’n Clean has perfected the brush tensile strength for use on all surfaces. These proprietary brushes are uniquely designed to safely and efficiently clean your fabrics!

Because our formula is powered by dry encapsulation technology, there is no need to use stiff, coarse brushes that damage delicate upholstery fibers, or scratch leather or vinyl. The soft, polyester bristles create static electricity as they massage the fabric, pulling the particles out and towards the cleaning brush. As the brush gently massages the cleaning formula into the upholstery, the encapsulation magic happens!

Our quality brush is gentle enough to use on most synthetic and natural fibers:

Velvet, Chenille, Tartan, Denim, Ticking, Corduroy, Damask, Silk, Velour, Cotton, Handwovens, Wool, Linen, Polyester, Cellulose Fibers, Olefin, Nylon, Rayon, Jute, Acrylic, and Aolypropylene, Acetate.

The gentle formula will not harm metal or wood accents on your furniture pieces! Just wipe away.

You will be able to effectively tackle the grime on your kitchen chairs, built-up debris on the arms of your couch– pretty soon you won’t be able to tell which seat is the family favorite. Kid and pet stains disappear with ease! Imagine the feeling of relaxation the next time your children make a big mess, and you know you have a tried and true method to get out tough stains– without compromising your natural lifestyle!

Cap’n Clean is the Ideal Choice for ALL Household Upholstery

Couches, upholstered headboards, armchairs, dining chairs, sofas, and loveseats will all look like new– Your fabric will never be stiff, crisp, or crunchy after a cleaning.

Cap’n Clean Works Wonders on Auto Upholstery!

Cap’n Clean is a convenient and ideal choice for cleaning your car interior. It is tough enough to work its magic on soiled floors or stained headliners, and our brushes are perfect for cleaning leather seats and accents!

Kick Your Restoration Project Up a Notch with Cap’n Clean!

Our formulas work well even on stains that have set over time, making Cap’n Clean the ideal method for restoring vintage furniture, and gentle enough for antique upholstery!

Do You Want…

ULTRA-LOW Moisture Cleaning Method

ORGANIC and BIO-Based Cleaners

Upholstery that will NEVER MOLD after cleaning

Dries QUICKLY! Use Your Furniture Almost Immediately After Cleaning!

Your Cap’n Clean Upholstery Cleaning Kit Includes:

4 Oz Concentrated Cap’n Clean Solution (a generous amount to clean 6 dining chairs, or one large sofa with extra leftover)

Gentle but Effective Upholstery Drill Brush

Detailed Instructions to Customize Cap’n Clean Solution and Brush to Your Upholstery

How to Use:

Step 1: Identify the fabric to be cleaned

Step 2: Simply attach the brush to your drill, as you would any drill bit.

Step 3:Pour one full 2 oz. bottle of Cap’n Clean Solution into any spray bottle with 32 oz. capacity or less, fill the rest of the bottle with water.*

Step 4: Spray a light mist to cover all of the upholstery on the furniture you are cleaning.

Step 5: Massage into the upholstery fibers with the Cap’n Clean Brush and the encapsulation magic begins!

Step 6: Allow 15-20 minutes for crystals to absorb dirt, debris, stains, and grime, then easily vacuum away encapsulated dirt/debris/etc

That’s it! No toxic fumes, or maneuvering large and loud machines, no exhausting scrubbing—

Because You Deserve Cleaner Upholstery, Naturally!

*For HIGHLY soiled areas: mix two bottles of Cap’n Clean solution into one spray bottle

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Cap’n Clean comes with a no-hassle 100% money-back-guarantee. Please review our Refund Policy for details.

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Customer Service: Our Green Seal dry cleaning technology is sure to amaze you and we just want you to know that we value your experience very, very much. Should you have any questions before, during, or after your purchase, the Angel Dry team is here to help. Our job is to help everyday people clean all of their upholstered fabric without having to rely on an expensive upholstery cleaning company or a cheap water-jet vacuum upholstery cleaning machine, both of which will leave furniture soaking wet, sometimes leaving it more unsanitary than before the service was performed.

With Cap’n Clean, you can clean like a pro and get a far more sanitary (very-low-moisture) result. Say hello to dry, clean, furniture, on-demand, powered by the Cap’n. Arrrgh!