If you are a property / facilities / office manager, we’d be happy to show you how Angel Dry’s unique commercial dry carpet cleaning process excels over other companies.  Many, but not all, of the the other companies are using detergents that will leave a residue, which always leads to rapid-resoiling.  Whittaker is always the best way to go.  Even if your carpet is in bad shape due to soil accumulation, that weighed-down look that we all know too well – we can still help reverse and remedy the issue.  Sometimes this requires two, even three, cleanings in the very high traffic lanes or near food service entry points.  So why is Angel Dry the company to go with?  Because we use the best, Austrian-made, machines.  Being a small company, the owner knows more about dry carpet cleaning than most others.  We have been in business for nearly ten years, still young and hungry to grow, which means we always guarantee that the job will be done right – translation, we’re not focused on short-term profit because we know that it is difficult for inexperienced users to master the Whittaker method.  It’s not rocket science, but it is a bit more challenging than you might expect.  I will say, if you stick with it and educate yourself on the Whittaker program (perhaps take a class), then it is actually quite realistic to use the system, in-house.  This would be much cheaper than hiring a company such as ours – we charge a higher rate per square foot, but our rate per labor-hour is significantly less than the great majority of competitor dry carpet cleaning companies.  So why not steam?  Commercial carpet typically rests on a thick layer of dried glue, over concrete.  Water and glue don’t mix.  Water and glue can cause some seepage of the glue – not good.  Add hot water to the process and you now have glue warming up, barraged by a high-pressure stream of water. So there’s the water aspect of steam cleaning.  Many offices require portable systems which are terrible for extraction power, which means that the carpet will be wet longer, creating more opportunity for microbial growth – water-loving bacteria, mold, etc.  The second reason to avoid hot water extraction (aka, steam cleaning) is because of the sticky, soapy residue that the process tends to leave behind.  It is simply impossible to completely remove detergents.  Any and all left behind will be a strong attractant to new and ever-accumulating soil that is tracked in.  Once the soil sticks to the carpet fiber, the housekeeping vacuum may not be strong enough to pick it up.  Soil becomes ground in, abrading the carpet fibers with each 100 lb. step from a shoe or heel, causing the carpet pile to lose resiliency.