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Angel Dry rug cleaning offers in-home service – moisture never contacts your wood floors!
Drop-off and delivery services also available.

Eco Certified Rug Cleaning

Angel Dry rug cleaning services are Wool Safe® approved and Green Seal® certified. No water damage. No mold or mildew. No sticky residue. Rug fibers are guaranteed to stay cleaner, longer. Our certified area rug cleaning experts thoroughly inspect, clean, and sanitize each rug, with customized care for best results.

Angel Dry’s low-moisture cleaning methods ensure that Oriental and Persian rugs are protected from the harmful effects of water, heat, and chemical damage.  We use Wool Safe® approved cleaning products that are safe for even for the most delicate hand-knotted and woven antique rugs.

Happy Customers

Jollette W.
Carrollton, TX
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Very impressed with Angel Dry carpet and rug cleaning! Had all upstairs carpeted rooms cleaned as well as 3 area rugs. They look great! Stephen is friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. I highly recommended this company.
Katie B.
Southlake, TX
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Angel Dry was a pleasure to work with! Very thoughtful, methodical, and caring. I had them clean three wool rugs, upholstered bed frame, and some carpet. Very reasonably priced as well. I have a young baby and he even cleaned the nursery rug around his nap time. I cannot recommend enough!
Marilyn W.
Grapevine, TX
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We had two area rugs cleaned. One was wool and the other synthetic. Friendly, fast service at value price. He cleaned two rugs for the price we paid to have one cleaned last time and we had to send it out and wait two weeks. Highly recommend them for area rugs.

Natural Rug Cleaning Experts

Wool is one of nature’s most durable fibers and a common natural fiber used in contemporary rugs, oriental rugs, and Persian rugs.  Wool rug fibers last longer and stay cleaner with our low-moisture process.  To prevent damage, excessive moisture should never be used to clean wool rugs.  This can damage the fibers and degrade naturally occurring oils in wool fibers.  Our Wool Safe® certified rug cleaning technology is guaranteed to deliver the best quality results.

Silk and silk-wool blend Persian and oriental rugs are hand made from a natural fiber that is derived from silkworms.  Due to their incredibly high tensile strength and resiliency, silk rugs can last hundreds of years and are considered the highest standard in quality.  To ensure that your silk rugs are Silk rugs are best cleaned with a dry method that will not expose the fibers to damaging moisture or residue.  Trust Angel Dry to deliver the most professional results for silk rug cleaning. 

Sisal, jute, seagrass, coir, and other “grass family” fibers, also known as cellulose fibers, are known for their incredible durability and organic textures.  If your rugs are made of one of these types of faceyarns, even a teaspoon of water can permanently damage the appearance of the fiber.  Trust Angel Dry to clean all of your organic grass rugs properly with our ultra-low-moisture and dry compound methods of cleaning.

southlake rayon rug cleaning

If your rug is made of viscose, art silk, or bamboo silk, it is actually a synthetic fiber, processed from cotton, a cellulose fiber.  These rugs are known for their incredibly soft texture and silky sheen.  These rugs tend to be far less resilient than other natural or synthetic fibers and they can not be cleaned with wet methods.  Angel Dry uses a dry rug cleaning process that can bring your viscose rugs back to life and help maintain their longevity.

cotton rug living room

To avoid shrinkage and permanent damage to your natural fiber cotton rugs, they should be cleaned with a very-low-moisture process.  Cotton rugs can last for decades if cleaned and maintained properly.  Angel Dry will expertly remove soils, stains, and contaminants from your cotton rugs, bringing them back to life with that soft, clean feeling that makes cotton rugs such a warm and cozy addition to your interior living space.

Synthetic Rug Types

living room nylon rug
Nylon Rug Cleaning

Nylon is a resilient synthetic fiber is known for its high resiliency and soft, natural-feeling texture. Nylon is also resistant against stains if regularly cleaned and maintained. Like other synthetic fibers, you should avoid applying harsh chemicals or store-bought carpet spot removal products to nylon rugs.

Angel Dry will clean your nylon rugs without excess moisture, helping to protect the longevity of the nylon fibers. Our low-moisture nylon rug cleaning process is residue-free, which ensures that you won’t have any sticky, crunchy residue in the rug fibers. This means your rug will feel clean and soft and stay cleaner longer.

Polypropylene Rug Cleaning

Polypropylene rugs have gained popularity in recent years. These rugs tend to be made with a wide range of colors and designs, giving consumers greater flexibility in design choices. Polypropylene rugs tend to attract soils and residues more than other types of fibers, so it is important to vacuum these rugs regularly and clean up spots and stains as soon as possible. When you’re ready to have your polypropylene rug cleaned, you can trust Angel Dry to get them looking and feeling as good as new.

Olefin carpet-best carpet for pets
polyester bedroom rug
Polyester Rug Cleaning

Polyester is a highly durable synthetic fiber found in many types of modern area rugs. These rugs tend to have a lower level of resiliency than other types of rugs, so it is important to vacuum regularly. When you notice your vacuum is not working well to lift up rug fibers, this is an indicator of excess soil and residue that has collected on rug fibers. When you notice this, it’s time for a deep rug cleaning from Angel Dry. We use a residue-free process that will ensure that rug fibers are not weighed down by chemical detergent deposits, which is important in maintaining the rug’s clean-ability and longevity.

Triexta / Smartstrand Rug Cleaning

Triexta, or Smartstrand, is a synthetic rug fiber that is derived from poly trimethylene terephthalate, similar to polyester fibers, but sharing the textural properties of nylon. Triexta and Smartstrand rugs are known for having greater resiliency and higher quality appearance compared to polyester, more similar to nylon. To preserve the quality of your triexta rug, Angel Dry uses a low moisture rug cleaning process that does not coat fibers with residue. This ensures that your triexta rugs are clean, soft, revived, and residue-free, ensuring they stay cleaner, longer.

close-up of carpet fibers

Rug Cleaning Service Options

We’re here to help answer your questions.

In most cases, we can give you an over-the-phone evaluation of your rugs before seeing them in person.  If you have any trouble spots, stubborn stains, or pervasive odors, we’d be happy to walk you through our solutions and answer any questions you may have. We are committed to helping you choose the best approach for general cleaning, deep cleaning, spot removal, odor treatment, and fiber protection.

Rug Pick-Up & Delivery

We'll pick up your rug and also deliver your rug back to you.

In-Home Rug Cleaning

Using our low-moisture rug cleaning methods, we can clean your rugs on top of your hardwood or tile floors.  If heavy furniture or a bed sits atop of the rug, we can clean all exposed areas without furniture moving.

Rug Drop-Off at Carrollton Shop

Drop off your rug at our Carrollton facility and save some on costs.

Area Rug Repair Services


A Better Way to Clean Rugs

Wool Safe® and Green Seal® Certified. Angel Dry’s proprietary very-low-moisture (VLM) rug cleaning process uses Green Seal® certified and Wool Safe® approved cleaning technologies that deep clean area rugs without the damaging effects of water and harsh chemicals. Your area rugs will look amazing and you’ll absolutely love that soft, residue-free feel between your toes.

Non-Toxic & Baby Safe. Unlike steam cleaning (hot water extraction) and immersion rug washing, Angel Dry specializes in plant-based, non-toxic, baby-safe, and residue-free rug cleaning. Excess water and harsh chemicals can damage rugs, leaving behind residues and moisture-loving microbes such as mold, mildew, and bacteria, which can lead to rapid re-soiling and contaminated rug fibers.

Ship & Clean Delivery Service

Trust Angel Dry to professionally clean your heirloom-quality rugs, no matter where you live in the continintal U.S.  We will help you pack and ship your rugs to our rug cleaning facility in Carrollton, Texas.  Each rug is cleaned, restored, and repaired with customized care.  We guarantee no water damage, mold, mildew or residue.  We can even help with white-glove transportation service, if you need help packing and shipping your rugs.  Most rugs can be shipped with FedEx or UPS.  For larger rugs, we can arrange LTL shipping.  We will clean and sanitize your rugs and ship them back to you, restored back to their full beauty. 

Rug Cleaning Facility

dry rug cleaning
Area Rug Cleaning

When to Have Your Rugs Cleaned

When your vacuum is not performing well at removing soil from your rug, then it is probably due for a thorough cleaning.  To illustrate the effect of soil accumulation on rug fibers, try placing the

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jute rug cleaning
Area Rug Cleaning

How to Dry Clean a Jute Rug

With its simple elegance and neutral color, jute is second only to cotton in popularity as a textile. If you’ve got a jute rug in your home, you are likely wondering how best to clean

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At Angel Dry, wool area rug cleaning is one of our specialties.  Water and harsh chemicals can damage and shorten the longevity of wool rugs.  To protect the natural oils and integrity of wool fibers, Angel Dry only uses very-low-moisture WoolSafe® approved cleaning methods.

Our unique counter-rotating brush machines are safe on woven wool rugs, cut loop constructions, shag (long yarn) wool, and low loop wool rugs and carpets.  Our process is safe for all types of wool and your colors will remain rich and vibrant and will not bleed or transfer into adjacent lighter colored fibers.

When your wool rugs become matted or compressed, you’ll notice that your vacuum is no longer picking up much dirt and debris that is trapped in wool fibers.  When this happens, that’s a great time to give us a call to protect your investment from unnecessary damage.  The longer that soil and foreign substances remain in wool, the more likely it is to cause some damage or chemical change to the wool fibers and color.

We’re here to help answer your questions by phone, email, or chat.  We can clean your rugs in your home, where they lie, or alternatively with our drop-off / delivery service.

pattern rug

Low-Moisture Living Spaces

To illustrate the effects of excess moisture, try the following experiment. Run some clean water over a clean towel. Wring the towel out, then, leave it to dry in the sink overnight. The next day, when the towel is completely dry, you may notice a subtle pungent odor caused by mildew and bacteria.  You may also feel a difference in texture, caused by microbial waste matter that spread throughout the wet fibers.

Even a clean towel with clean water will support a massive population explosion of microbial life.  But unlike the towel in your experiment, carpet and padding can be filthy.  After a traditional water-extraction carpet cleaning service, you may be left with thousands of pounds of wet carpet and padding throughout your home, resulting in microbial waste, residue, and allergens.  Alternatively, very-low-moisture carpet cleaning leaves carpet 95 – 100% dry upon completion, creating a healthier microbe-free living environment.