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Host® Dry Carpet Cleaning

Host® Dry Process Summary: Long before encapsulation dry carpet cleaning was invented, Host Dry compound was the trusted choice for safe and environmentally friendly carpet cleaning. It has been a mainstay solution for people who don’t like the idea of cleaning their carpet with torrents of water and chemicals. Like our flagship Whittaker Systems encapsulation, Host is also Green Seal® certified and consider one of the safest methods in the carpet cleaning industry.

Host® Dry Carpet Cleaning

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Plant-Powered Dry Carpet Cleaning

Host® Dry carpet cleaning is the most trusted solution for commercial and residential customers who prefer all-natural cleaning solutions.  This is truly an amazing product. 

Much like the newer innovation of encapsulation cleaning, the Host process uses counter-rotating brush machines to lift away soil, stains, and residue from carpet fibers.  But instead of all of that dirt being encapsulated in a polymer, it is absorbed into all natural plant fibers.

Tiny plant-based sponges are spread around on the carpet and brushed in with our machines.  The agitation action of the brushes gently removes oils, residues, and soil particles. 

The Host dry compound is effective at removing wine stains, coffee stains, and even urine. It does a great job at rejuvenating high traffic lanes too.

Host® Dry Carpet Cleaning

The Power Of Plants In Carpet Cleaning

As an alternative to encapsulation dry carpet cleaning, the Host system is a highly effective method that has been trusted for health-conscious homeowners for decades. 

Tiny plant-based compounds act like sponges to scrub away and absorb dirt, grime, and oils deep in your carpet fiber.  Angel Dry uses the Austrian method of dry extraction and special brushes that agitate the all-natural compound deep within the carpet pile.  

Ultra-Low Moisture.  With the Host system, carpet is typically dry within 20 minutes.  At that time, your Angel Dry carpet cleaning technician will thoroughly vacuum each area and your carpet will be ready to use.  

Advantages of Host Dry Carpet Cleaning

  • Can walk on carpet during the cleaning process
  • No downtime.  Carpet is ready to use immediately
  • All natural plant-based ingredients used in the process
  • Removes oils and residues stuck in carpet fibers
  • Safe to use on all carpet fibers, including wool
  • Trusted carpet cleaning method for over 50 years
  • Antimicrobial properties prevents mold and microbes

Environmentally Preferred Carpet Cleaning

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Host Dry Is Safe and Eco Friendly

At Angel Dry, we get it.  You wouldn’t trust a bunch of chemicals and water spread around throughout your floors by just any company.  We have been using the Host Dry system across the Dallas / Fort Worth area for over a decade.

When you’re looking for a natural plant-based solution to have your carpet and rugs cleaned, look no further than Host Dry.  You can trust that Angel Dry will deliver the highest standards in the industry to deliver exceptional results.

Host Dry is USDA certified to be Bio-Based and Bio-Preferred, as well as carrying the WoolSafe seal of approval and Green Seal certification, which is the highest standard for environmentally friendly cleaning products in the carpet cleaning and restoration industry.

Our customers understand how important it is to keep living environments safe, dry, and moisture-free.  Angel Dry offers two options that meet their standards – Host Dry and Encapsulation.  

Both options are Green Seal certified and Wool Safe approved.  The difference is that Host is plant-based.  When it comes to natural and green carpet cleaning, Host sets the bar at the highest level.

Wet carpet is a breeding ground for mold, mildew, bacteria, dust mites, and other microbes.  Dry carpet cleaning is the solution. 

Most of our customers prefer the results of the encapsulation method for the highest quality results. But when natural is a must for your home environment, Host Dry is the best option.

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Dry carpet cleaning is a process that uses very-low-moisture and physical contact to remove soil from carpet, rug, and upholstery fibers. Steam cleaning is actually a pressure washing system, by which jets of water and detergents forcibly remove soil particles from fibers.

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When you schedule a steam cleaning service with us, one of our veteran technicians will arrive at your home with state-of-the-art equipment, prepared to address all of your needs, delivering exceptional service with focus and agility.

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Angel Dry specializes in ultra-low-moisture encapsulation carpet cleaning. We only use Green Seal certified products on your carpet, such as Crystal Dry® by Whittaker Systems. All Crystal Dry® cleaning products are made with an emulsifying formula that encapsulates dirt and oils that are typically left behind with other cleaning methods.

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Encapsulation carpet cleaning uses physical contact and very little moisture to remove soil, stains, odors, and contaminants from carpet, rug, and upholstery fibers.  This technology is widely known as the eco-friendly alternative to steam cleaning.