Dry Upholstery Cleaning Service

Baby safe and pet friendly!

Protect your furniture, your indoor air quality, and your family with Angel Dry’s amazing dry upholstery cleaning service.

Encapsulation Dry Upholstery Cleaning

Other upholstery dry cleaning methods use harsh chemical solvents that emit toxic VOCs and leave harmful residue in your fabric and furniture cushion materials. Angel Dry uses a Green Seal encapsulation dry cleaning process to safely and effectively remove soil and residue from upholstered fabrics. Our unique brush contact encapsulation process is a VLM (very low moisture) method, which means that the upholstery is never drenched with water, leaving your sofas, chairs, ottomans, and other fabric-covered furniture protected from mold and bacteria infestation. Our cleaning process is pH neutral, biodegradable, no VOCs, which means it is baby safe and pet friendly.

Dry Upholstery Cleaning White Sofa
Upholstery Fabric Care Requirements

Know Your Fiber

Selecting upholstered furniture is all about comfort, appearance, upkeep, and longevity.  Natural fibers may be more susceptible to color-changes from air exposure.  Natural fabrics tend to be more accepting of soil transfer than synthetics.  Still, the comfort and aesthetic qualities of naturally upholstered cushions are still considered the furniture industry’s upper tier of home furnishings.  Unlike leather, upholstered furniture has a warmth to it.  It tends to hammock your body position better than leather and also tends to wrap your body shape better than leather.  It certainly is non-slip, compared to leather, and it tends to be quite sanitary, acting as a filter to trap airborne soil particles.  However, these soil particles eventually attract other microbes which also soil the fabric.  Dry cleaning can clean away these particles with its ultra-soft upholstery cleaning brushes and our Wool Safe approved non-toxic cleaning solution.


Get the Essential Clean!

Sanitizing With Essential Oils

Since our process uses a mist of moisture rather than a stream of water, the fill and wadding in the cushions do not get wet.  Our fast dry time prevents mildew and other microbial growth.  In most cases, there is no need to sanitize beneath the fabric, but if that is a concern we can use slightly more moisture at the end of the service.  In most cases, however, this is unnecessary and not recommended, since microbial colonies will make contact with the microscopic essential oil particles (a light, unnoticeable residual) and die on contact.  For example, we use citrus oils dispersed in a mist to kill dust mites and shorten the life span of many small insects that make contact with your fabric.  We use a 100% natural and industry proven method, rarely used in the carpet cleaning industry due to higher costs of essential oils (compared to cheap chemicals) and the somewhat tedious steps required in executing the application correctly.  Our technicians and on-staff biochemist work very hard to produce the best results with the best cost efficiency in the business to make this possible for our customers.



Protect Your Investment

Over-Wetting and Harsh Chemicals

To protect your upholstered home furnishings, a little common sense goes a long way.  When foam, fibers, and fill become wet, microbes can thrive.  They have a nice, wet, protected habitat to populate.  And once they start, they are invisible, slowly abrading your fibers and subtly staining your fabric, over time.  Keeping your furnishings clean and sanitary rarely requires the solvent based cleaners (another variety of upholstery “dry cleaning” is solvent based – high VOCs and strong chemicals).  Other companies may recommend foams, conventional soaps, and other surfactant-based cleaning methods.  These will unavoidably leave a sticky residue on your fiber.  You may not be able to discern a texture difference, but unless they are flushing each section of your furnishings with gallons of water, soapy residue will exist in significant quantity, on and within your fabric.  These chemicals can and may cause gradual decay of the fabric, fiber, by fiber.  If your upholstery is badly stained, I would recommend having the upholstery company cleaning it outside using a dry solvent method.  Please note that Angel Dry does not offer dry solvent cleaning services directly but uses the most trusted and well trained subcontractors for these jobs.  Again, we are very selective about the technicians that work for us.  They are all self-employed and well trained to deliver the best and most expert results at a fair market price.