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Southlake Rug Cleaning Service

Southlake, TX

Do your rugs need to be professionally cleaned?  

We happily offer in-home service, as well as drop-off and delivery.  With our “dry” method of cleaning, your rugs will be expertly cleaned and deodorized.  Angel Dry only uses eco-clean products.  Furthermore, we guarantee that for in-home cleanings, moisture will never come in contact with your floors.  

Eco-Friendly & Safe

Our team of certified experts promises your rugs will have no water damage, mold, or mildew and zero-residue left behind. We understand how delicate Oriental and Persian rugs are. That is why our services are Wool Safe® and Green Seal® Certified. Angel Dry technicians know that rug fringe is the part that gets the dirtiest. The fringe on your rugs will be perfectly white. With our low-moisture cleaning methods we guarantee that your rugs will not be subjected to any heat, water, or chemical damage. When rugs stay wet for too long, microbes thrive and die in the rug. This doesn't happen with Angel Dry. Your rugs will look their best and they will stay clean for a longer period of time.

Happy Customers

Holly Ganner
Southlake, TX
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Andrew gave us excellent service, was available to pick up or rug on the spur of the moment on the way back from another job. They got the smell out of a rug we thought we were going to have to throw away-would totally use Angel Dry services again in the future-Highly recommend them!
Katie B.
Southlake, TX
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Angel Dry was a pleasure to work with! Very thoughtful, methodical, and caring. I had them clean three wool rugs, upholstered bed frame, and some carpet. Very reasonably priced as well. I have a young baby and he even cleaned the nursery rug around his nap time. I cannot recommend enough!
Marilyn W.
Southlake, TX
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We had two area rugs cleaned. One was wool and the other synthetic. Friendly, fast service at value price. He cleaned two rugs for the price we paid to have one cleaned last time and we had to send it out and wait two weeks. Highly recommend them for area rugs.

Natural Rug Types

silk rug southlake

Silk rugs, like Persian and Oriental rugs are made from silkworms.  They are handmade and have superior strength, which allows them to last for hundreds of years.  If you have a silk rug, you know what quality is and you want it to be properly cleaned and maintained. The Angel Dry team has received specific training on how to clean these types of rugs and will deliver phenomenal results.

close-up of wool carpet fibers

Wool is a very strong fiber and is used to make many types of rugs.  It is naturally fire-resistant and environmentally friendly.  Using too much water can damage a wool rug.  Angel Dry uses a low-moisture Wool Safe® certified rug cleaning method that ensures your rugs will be looking their best.  Angel Dry chose to become Wool Safe® certified because the Wool Safe Organization is constantly designing and developing new, sanitizing products and methods that are effective against viruses.  

jute carpet cleaning

These rugs are all natural and made from plant fibers.  Sisal rugs are the most popular natural fiber rugs because they are durable and dye well.  Jute has the softest fibers of these natural fiber rugs.  They are hand-crafted and come in many beautiful, earthy tones.  Seagrass rugs are made from grass near or from the sea.  These rugs are not recommended for laundry rooms or bathrooms because water will damage them.  That is exactly why Angel Dry’s dry cleaning methods are the best way to clean these rugs.  

cotton rug southlake

Cotton rugs are budget-friendly and very versatile, which is why they are so popular.  The fibers are soft and strong, but they can shrink if they get wet.  Our dry compound cleaning method will remove all stains in a safe and efficient manner without any shrinkage.  

viscose rugs southlake

These rugs are synthetically manufactured and not made from real silk.  They are also known as rayon, art silk, or bamboo silk rugs.  Viscose rugs are made from wood pulp, cotton by-products and blended with silk.  The fibers are very soft but also very fragile.  Viscose is a tricky fiber to clean.  Regular vacuums can damage the rugs.  If these rugs get wet, the dye may bleed or the fibers may turn yellow.  Here at Angel Dry, our team has been specially trained on how to clean viscose rugs and we guarantee your satisfaction.  

Synthetic Rug Types

nylon rug southlake
Nylon Rug Cleaning

Nylon is a synthetic fiber known for being soft, resilient, and stain-resistant.  These rugs will last for many years if they are properly cleaned and maintained.  When you clean nylon rugs it is not recommended to use harsh, store bought chemicals.  Angel Dry is happy to expertly clean all your nylon rugs with our low-moisture, residue-free cleaning method.  

Polypropylene Rug Cleaning

Polypropylene rugs are quickly becoming a favorite choice of rugs because they come in many colors and designs.  The issue with these rugs is that they tend to get dirty faster than other fibers.  This is why polypropylene rugs need to be cleaned on a regular basis.  It will be our pleasure to restore beauty to your rugs as well as extend the longevity of your investment.  

polypropylene southlake
Polyester Rug Cleaning

Polyester rugs are quite durable, but not very pliable.  Therefore, they need to be vacuumed on a regular basis.  Over time though, soil and residue will build up, regardless of how much you vacuum.  When this happens, give Angel Dry a call and we will be right over to deep clean your polyester rugs.  Our low-moisture, residue free cleaning process will leave your rugs as bright and soft as the day you bought them.  

Triexta / Smartstrand Rug Cleaning

Triexta, also known as Smartstrand is an environmentally-friendly, synthetic fiber partially derived from corn syrup.  It is similar in many ways to polyester, but it is stronger and more resilient.  Triexta fibers are more dense than other fibers, which makes them difficult to vacuum.  This is not a problem for Angel Dry.  We will bring life and color back into your triexta rug using our low-moisture cleaning method.  Your rugs will be clean and residue free.

best carpet for pets-triexta

Rug Cleaning Service Options

We’re here to assist you with all your rug cleaning needs.

Call us today and we’ll give you an over-the-phone evaluation.  We look forward to answering any questions you may have about trouble spots, odors, or just plain filthy rugs.  We handle each rug with extreme care.  Angel Dry has a reputation for providing quality results every time and we stand behind our work.  Hire us and your toughest rug stains will be gone.   Your rugs will be clean and beautiful.  

Rug Pick-Up & Delivery

We'll pick up your rug and send it back to you.

In-Home Rug Cleaning

Our low-moisture rug cleaning methods, allow us to clean your rugs on top of your hardwood or tile floors.  No furniture needs to be moved. We can clean the exposed portions of the rugs without moving anything.

Rug Drop-Off at Carrollton Shop

You are more than welcome to save on shipping and drop your rugs off at our Carrolton location.

Southlake Rug Repairs

Experts in Rug Restoration

Wool Safe® & Green Seal® Certified

Our proprietary low-moisture cleaning methods are better because they deep clean rugs with out damaging them. Excessive water or moisture is bad for rug fibers because it allows mold and mildew to grow. Even when rugs seem dry, they are probably still wet beneath the surface. Too much water also causes rugs to shrink and tear. You will not experience any of these problems with dry cleaning methods. If you want rugs that are soft, clean, and residue-free, call Angel Dry today. We will take care of all your rug cleaning needs. Non-Toxic and Baby Safe. We pride ourselves on using plant-based, residue-free, non-toxic, baby safe products. We guarantee our products will not cause mold, mildew, or bacteria growth. Our products are safe for your whole family.

Ship & Clean Delivery Service

It doesn’t matter which one of the great 50 states or territories you live in.  You can pack up and ship your rug straight to our rug cleaning facility in Carrolton, Texas.  We always put the customer first and we stand by our work.  Your rugs will be cleaned and restored to a pristine condition.  All odors and stains will be removed.  If you need help packing and shipping you rug, Angel Dry offers white-glove transportation service.  Fed Ex and UPS will ship most rugs and LTL shipping can be arranged for oversized rugs.  We promise a quick turnaround and phenomenal customer service.  

In-home Rug Cleaning

Rug Cleaning Drop OFF