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This revolutionary technique of cleaning allows ANYONE to restore the condition of their upholstery. From tough stains like wine and coffee all the way to pet accidents or water damage, Cap’n Clean is the solution. There is no reason any homeowner in America should not own their own Cap’n Clean kit, the quick, clean, bio-friendly solution to any fabric accident. Our one of a kind cleaning method is safe to use around children, pets, and anyone with health conditions. The best part is, there is no dry-time to allow your upholstery to breathe.

Cap’n Clean is effective on fabrics and textiles such as: Polyester, Cotton, Chenille, Velvet, Tweed, Ticking, Chintz, Velour, Tartan, Matelassé, Mohair, Plush, Damask, Acrylic, Silk, Rayon, Nylon, Wool, Olefin, Vinyl, Microfiber, Linen and more. In fact, Cap’n Clean technology is so effective that it has been used on every piece of upholstery cleaned by “Angel Dry” for the past decade. Our encapsulation solution is made with green-seal certified products and has unmatched results.

The Cap’n Clean Kit contains everything you need to restore life and cleanliness to your upholstery. Rather than spending hundreds of dollars to have your furniture professionally cleaned, give Cap’n Clean a chance to show you how easy, safe, and fast the cleaning process can be. The results speak for themselves with hundreds of satisfied customers. (insert a few upholstery reviews)

Thanks to Cap’n Clean, messy accidents and stains around your home can be eliminated permanently with ease. The secret behind our innovative kit is in the solution. Our own recipe, of green-seal approved products, combined with natural, non-toxic, essential plant extracts, has sanitized and removed even the harshest stains. Cap’n Clean kit can even be used to spot treat any carpet or rug.

There is no cleaning product that carries more value than this. The broad variety of tasks it can accomplish combined with an unbeatable price make this an essential item for any homeowner. If you try Cap’n Clean once, you will never need to call a professional cleaner to remove a spot for you again!

Some upholstery cleaning products on the market are made to soak into your fabrics, leaving a sticky residue, terrible odor, and long dry times. The Cap’n Clean Kit can entirely clean a small area and completely dry in under fifteen minutes. This is extremely important because when moisture sits in fabric, for an extended period of time, it will create microbial life which will smell and provide unhealthy air quality.

Instructions: Step 1: Pour __ of water and 4 oz. of the Cap’n Clean solution into any clean spray bottle. Step 2: Lightly mist the affected areas, spraying more on tougher stains. Step 3: Apply the drill brush with varying pressure, depending on the strength and material of the fabric. Step 5: In some cases it may be necessary to vacuum over areas that have been cleaned for the best results.

Our formula is proven to remove soils, bacteria, fungus, and molds from deep within your fabric and fibers.  No moisture contacts with feathers, foam, or batting.

Customer Reviews

Andrew gave us excellent service, was available to pick up or rug on the spur of the moment on the way back from another job. They got the smell out of a rug we thought we were going to have to throw away-would totally use Angel Dry services again in the future-Highly recommend them!
--Hollee Ganner


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