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Everything You Need to Know About Wool Rugs 

wool rug cleaningAre you looking to buy a rug for your home? Now you go to buy one, and you get overwhelmed by all the options available. It can get extremely complicated when looking for the perfect flooring for your home. You want something that looks good, feels good and is durable. We are here to help you find the best option for you and your lifestyle.

Wool is a natural fiber. It is loved and adored by many. Here are some of the benefits of wool rugs.

Benefits of Wool Rugs:

Wool is a luxurious rug that is said to be the best carpet fiber material out there. Wool can be expensive but for very good reasons.

Wool Rug Durability & Flexible:

Wool, more than most carpet fibers available, is the most durable, reliable, elastic, and has excellent resilience. This is due to the presence of a high degree of natural crimp that allows it to withstand heavy pressure while maintaining a good shape. 

Naturally Flame Retardant:

Wool consists of moisture that helps it in being flame-retardant. It will catch on fire, but once the flame source is removed it self-extinguishes. So burns from cigarettes or fire splats will have minimal damage on wool carpet.

Warm, Cosy, Cool & Comfy: 

Wool can keep your house warm in chilly winter weather and cool on hot summer days. It has insulating properties. Other than that wool also can regulate humidity in your home. It absorbs moisture from the air in high humid weather and releases it into the air when the atmosphere is dry. This contributes to improving air quality in your home.

Water Repellent:

Wool fiber naturally has waxy scales that allow the wool to be hydrophobic or water-resistant. The water droplets wool off the wool fiber.

Highly Absorbent: 

It might be confusing how wool rugs are water repellent and water absorbing. Believe it or not, but it is. The wool fiber is divided into two parts, the hydrophobic exterior and the interior core that is hydrophilic. A wool rug can absorb 35% of its weight in water before it can even start to feel wet. The inner core of the wool fiber slowly absorbs water.

Less Static Electricity: 

Wool has special moisture retention properties and it also conducts less static electricity. Less static electricity results in less dirt. Other than most fibers, the low surface energy of wool rugs results in a less degree of soil pickup.

Soil Trapping Fibers:

Wool naturally has soil-resistant properties. The upper protective layer traps all the dirt. Since the dirt and debris are trapped in the upper area of the pile, it is much easier to remove. Wool, when it comes in contact with water, swells and releases all the dirt. 

Multiple Areas for Usage: 

You can use your wool rugs in most places in your home. Wool is perfect for areas with high traffic, such as your hallways, bedrooms, living rooms, entryway, kitchen, dining room. Wool rugs are perfect for all these places. We do recommend not using wool rugs in your bathroom and outdoors. As wool can absorb moisture. If it absorbs too much moisture, it leads to deterioration. We also recommend protecting your wool rugs from sunlight. As the sunlight can fade the color of your rug.

Some Hidden Secrets of Wool: 

Wool is a dark fiber. It does not refract or reflect light. This results in its amazing soil hiding capacity. It diffuses the light hence making the dirt and debris less visible to the human eye.

Green Is Clean: 

The best reason that should convince you to buy wool rugs is that it is green fiber. It causes no harm to the environment. It is obtained from sheep every year from all around the world.

The benefits that wool rugs provide makes them the best material for carpets and area rugs. Wool rugs are something that will never go out of style and will continue to live for centuries to come.

Cons of Modern Wool Rugs and Carpets:

When it comes to anything, there are certain advantages and certain disadvantages. In the case of wool rugs, the benefits outweigh the cons. But there are certain cons that when buying you need to be careful of.

Moth Attack: 

Since wool is a natural fiber, you need to consider moth attacks. Wool is made up of protein which attracts a moth. If you see moths on your carpet, you need to give it immediate attention because it gets worse over time.

Unbreakable Bond: 

Wool is known to have brilliant color even when it is a hundred years old. This is because wool absorbs dye quickly. If you use high-quality wool, it holds the color to the core. This is an amazing feature, but it has a drawback. The unbreakable bond also causes to stain easily, especially with stains that might have coloring agents. You need to clean wool rugs immediately to prevent stains.

Meat, Spud & Gravy: 

Something you might not know is that wool is more vulnerable to stains that have similar chemical makeup. Since wool is made from protein, things like blood, meat juices, and coffee are more likely to stain your woolen rug.

Shop Bought Products A No: 

Your wool rugs require a little special care when cleaning them. Wool is sensitive to alkaline chemicals. They cause wool to become brittle and discolored. We do not recommend putting store-bought products on your wool carpets. It severely damages the fiber.

Limit Sunshine: 

We do not recommend putting your wool rugs in areas of your home that get a lot of sunlight. Sunlight can cause wool to fade. So, we recommend limiting sunlight as much as possible.

Not Ideal for Damp Rooms: 

We do not recommend placing your wool rugs in places with high moisture. As wool is prone to mildew.

Contact the Angel Dry team of experts. We will help keep your wool rugs clean with pickup, dropoff and delivery options available.


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  1. Great post. I no idea that sunlight would cause a wool rugs to fade or that they aren’t ideal for damp rooms. I did have a wool carpet in my previous home an yes it did fade. My new home will also have a lot of light so I will not be repeating.

    It is great to know that your company will pick up and drop off. So convenient.

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