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How Often Should Carpets Be Cleaned?

best way to clean carpet

If youā€™re concerned about the cleanliness of your carpets and want to ensure they stay in top condition, this guide on how often to clean different types of carpets will help you maintain them properly. With any type of carpet, vacuum-cleaning regularly with a quality vacuum cleaner and following up with periodic professional carpet cleaning … Read more

Very Low Moisture and Plant Based Carpet Cleaning

low moisture carpet cleaaning

How Plant Based Compounds Create Cleaner Carpet And Healthier Environments Organic Dry Compound Carpet Cleaning System.Ā  The Angel DryĀ OrganicĀ Dry Carpet CleaningĀ process is an exciting innovation in the carpet cleaning & restoration industry.Ā  Unlike steam cleaning, which uses jets of water, strong chemicals and truck mounted vacuums to flush out soil and extract it from carpet, … Read more

Getting Carpets Cleaner with Non-Toxic Green SealĀ® Technology

Do you dream of clean, soft carpets, rugs, and upholstery but youā€™re concerned about the toxicity of professional-grade cleaning products? Letā€™s face itā€¦ Life gets messy. Having stains and spills on your carpet can be frustrating, and time consuming to clean. Chances are, youā€™re still struggling to remove them with conventional products or traditional carpet … Read more